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Homeworld Cataclysm Indepth Information - Walkthrough - Part I - Missions 1-9
9. WALKTHROUGH - Part I - Missions 1-9

So far, I ended the game in Normal mode. I do not know how the game will be in Very Hard difficulty, but probably production speed will be lower, you'll have fewer resources at your disposal and the AI will send more ships into battle. In Normal mode, you start the game with the Kuun-Lan (no modules except the Hangar), 3 Seekers and 3 Workers.

Christoph Holtzmuller (AzureWrathe@aol.com) asked me for codes, as it has troubles with the relatively complex game controls; as far as I know, there are no codes for Cataclysm. If you have troubles with the controls, practicing with them in the tutorial is a good choice; you can also lower the difficulty level, buy Homeworld for practicing with its controls first or try to customize the keys.


Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy the Attack Bombers attacking the Frigates in sector 109
+ Destroy the Interceptors send to investigate on you
+ Recon the marked area
+ Destroy the Resource Collectors
+ Protect the Proximity Sensor net
+ Destroy the damaged Heavy Cruiser before it flees.

While mining an asteroid belt near a planet, you receive a distress call from the Veer-Rak, a Carrier from Kiith Nabaal defending Hiigara. Your planet is attacked by the Taiidan Navy, and Defense Fleet need every help within jump range.

You arrive in sector 112, at the south-east edge of the map. Immediately move the Kuun-Lan near the blue sphere near the upper-right edge and build at least three Workers and a Processor and send them to harvest the nearby resources. Build two groups of ten Acolytes each. Retire two of the three Seekers.

The Nabaal commander asks you to destroy a group of roughly 10 Attack Bombers which are taking the upper hand over some Ion Frigates. Do not immediately send them, as the Taiidan fleet will launch 5 Interceptors toward your Workers; send your new Acolytes to destroy the enemy fighters. Now you should have at least 10 Acolytes and one Processor: send the Acolytes against the Bombers, and the Processor near the Workers to protect them against future attacks (always staged by five Interceptors).

After you have destroyed the Bombers, Tactical informs you that sensors have picked up an unknown enemy signal. Send a Seeker or directly a group of Acolytes to the marked place; you will find three or four Resource Collectors harvesting plus 2 Defenders. Destroy them before they dock with the nearby Carrier, or you will have to wait until they return to the resource field. The Carrier has full Defender support plus its guns, and your Acolytes will be destroyed in seconds.

Meanwhile, Tactical should have informed you that engineers are ready to begin to research Linking technology, and Taiidan Strike Crafts are attacking the Proximity Sensors net (the yellow dots) around Hiigara. Have the second group of fighters attack them; the enemy attack party is composed of 5 Interceptors and 2 Multi Gun Corvettes, and they may need help. If you have moved the Kuun-Lan, its guns will take care of them if your Acolytes fail to shoot them down.

When you have finished, dock your fighters and replace every loss, you have to take down a Heavy Cruiser fleeing from battle. Send all your Acolytes, and engage the six Defenders escorting the vessel, then engage it with evasive tactic. Replace immediately any loss, or the battle will be long, and possibly not successful. If you want, you can help the Nabaal's ships to finish with the Taiidan to gain experience.


Mission Objectives:
+ Find the Bushan-Re
+ Repair the Bushan-Re
+ Destroy the Turanic forces
+ Recover the derelict

An other support mission for other major Kiiths, this time for the Manaans; one of their Destroyers, the Bushan-Re, is damaged and requests assistance.

Tactical advises you than Workers aren't capable of repairs and salvaging operations, and suggests the realization of an Engineering Module; the Kuun-Lan crew will jettison the upper container and will begin to build the first research module.

To find the Bushan-Re, you have to explore the map: the program position the Destroyer randomly; if this "treasure hunt" lasts for too much, Tactical will show you 3 points: move your Acolytes near them and see where the Bushan-Re is. Move the Kuun-Lan toward the Bushan-Re, and use your Acolytes to repel any Turanic attack; it is better to switch to ACV mode, as Turanics will throw Standard and Missile Corvettes into battle. When all Raider forces have been destroyed, dock and replace your losses, then move your ACVs near the Bushan-Re, as well as three upgraded Workers and begin to repair it.

When the Destroyer has regained half of its health, four friendly Support Corvettes will come out of hyperspace and will approach the Cruiser to repair them. DO NOT move your ACVs away from the Destroyer, these Frigates are Turanic Corvettes using Mimic technology. If you set an aggressive tactic for your ACVs, they will begin to attack them immediately, and the Cruiser should help you in destroying them. While dealing with the Corvettes, the Kuun-Lan picks up a distress call from a nearby object, and Tactical orders you to salvage it with one of your Workers. Move the Kuun-Lan toward the object.

When the Mimic Corvettes are no more, a larger Turanic fleet will appear, and when you asks help to the Bushan-Re, it flees as only its hyperdrive system is online. Tactical also tells you that Mimic technology is available for research.

Send a single Worker to retrieve the artifact and escort it with the ACVs. After you destroy some Corvettes and fighters, the Raiders will flee.

Mary Patyten (mpatyten@redshift.com) adds:
in the level that you salvage the beast derelict, and there is a turanic raider presence, near the derelict go practically straight down, and towards your command ship's original location, and scan around as far down as you can go, you should find it eventually, and there is the one in the turanic raider outpost level as well, but I think you know about that one.


Mission Objectives:
+ Find the Clee-San
+ Send a Mimic and dock with the Clee-San
+ Destroy all mines blocking the Clee-San

The Kiith-Sa orders you to reach the Clee-San, a research Frigate, now located in the Coruc-Tel system for some experiments.

To find the Clee-San, simply send a Seeker toward the yellow dot...the Seekers will locate several mines in the area and a large contingent of Turanic Strike Crafts. Send your Acolytes in a single group to destroy the mines and then move the Kuun-Lan toward the Clee-San. Position your MotherShip very near to the friendly frigate, you'll need this later on.

Tactical proposes to send a Mimic to dock with the Clee-San; do it, and the Clee-San will show you all active mines in the area. Your first objective now is to destroy the six mines in front of the research vessel. Be careful, the mines are guarded by large numbers of Corvettes, both standard and missile, and some Interceptors. Send your Acolytes in ACV mode, and begin to research the Missile Tech after you built the Weapon module; Afterburner technology is also available. If you moved the Kuun-Lan close enough, its guns will cover your fighters if they need a "tactical" retreat, and eventually will destroy any enemy fighter in the area.

The Clee-San will begin to move after the six mines are destroyed, and will travel to dock with the Kuun-Lan. One or two minutes after the frigate started to move, Turanic will jump several Ion Array Frigates into the system . There is no chance to destroy all of them, so you need to move the Kuun-Lan toward the Clee-San in order to avoid their attack. Plus, the Clee-San will stop if it founds mines on its path; that's why I told you to move the Kuun-Lan: it is possible to completely avoid the attack. Once the small research vessel docks with the Kuun-Lan, hyperspace to safety. Be sure to do not activate the "remain docked" option, or you will loose ant docked ships.


Mission Objectives:
+ Build a new Hangar Module
+ Escort the Clee-San with 10 Acolytes
+ Examine the recordings

The Clee-San personnel secured the derelict, an alien artifact, probably a beacon. They have just begun to open the artifact, and something comes out...

The Kuun-Lan systems are on full alert: all lower decks are infected, and one scientist reports that the artifact contained something. And this something is eating all lower decks and personnel in it. Before dying, it tells you to jettison the Hangar Module to save the entire ship...the Hangar Module is jettisoned, and the only thing you hear are screams...

The first thing to do is to rebuild the lost Hangar Module. If you had ships docked, they will be lost: you should have enough money to rebuild the Hangar Module and at least 3 Workers, but your Acolytes should have experience, and losing them is a pity...

After you have rebuild the Hangar Module, the Clee-San wants to scan the infected Hangar Module to find what's happened. Tactical orders you to escort it with 10 Acolytes; choose 10 fighters with a lower experience level if possible, and keep them in fighter mode. Convert all other crafts in ACV mode and build your offensive fleet up to 10 ACVs, assign them to a single group and have them form into a wall or a claw.

After the Clee-San reaches the Module, it will be infected by the same thing that ate you Hangar. Your Acolytes will suffer the same fate, and begins to attack you. I think it is possible to save your fighters from such a destiny, but all my efforts were unsuccessful. The Hangar Module will begin to speak (yes, speak): They Live.

A minor correction: it is possible to save these 10 Acolytes: have them escort the Clee-San until you have in visual range of the lost Module, then move them away from the Clee-San. After you did so the Clee-San will move for a short distance. Repeat this until the Clee-San falls into enemies' hands. Or, like

Sebastian Mundt (sebastian_mundt@gesis.de) wrote:
As you said, order your Acolytes to guard the Clee-San. When you approach the hangar module, sent your fighter back to the Kuun-Lan. The Clee-San will stop. Then let one or two guard the science vessel. The Clee-San will still not move. When the rest of your group of Acolytes is half way between the Kuun-Lan and the module order them to guard the Clee-San. It will then continue to approach the hangar module although the Acolytes are far away. If it starts the scans let all your Acolytes retreat. The science frigate will be infected but the rest of your fleet should be safe.

Silviu (killermosi@yahoo.com) suggested this tactic too:
In the mission where you'll have to protect the CLEE-SAN with 10 acolytes, there is a way to lose none in the moment of the infection attack. This is what I did: I gave a guard order to 10 ACVs, ordering them in a sphere formation around the CLEE-SAN. After the CLEE-SAN started to move and the sphere formation was established, I unlinked the ACVs. The ACVs stopped and unlinked and the CLEE-SAN continued her way unguarded. I must also say that i was playing the version 1.0 of the game.

After you repelled the 10 Acolytes you sent with the Clee-San (the best way to do this it to intercept them near the Kuun-Lan in order to get some support fire), Tactical informs you that engineers are ready to research what happened to the two ships. Begin the research immediately, and be prepared to fend of attacks staged by your own forces: the Hangar Module will throw groups of 8/10 Acolytes with 5 ACVs and one Ramming Frigate. The Frigate will go directly toward the Kuun-Lan, so it won't pose a trouble, but your ACVs/Acolytes will die if they do not have support from the MotherShip. Also, when the research is nearly completed, have the Workers and Processor dock.

Shortly after ending the research on that thing, a Turanic Raider fleet (Ion Frigates, Corvettes, Fighters...a full attack force.) will jump into the are, directly behind the Hangar Module and the Clee-San. When you try to explain what happened, the Raiders will ignore your warnings and will get infected too. There's nothing more to do, the Turanic fleet was to large before infection, and now has support of Acolytes and ACVs. If you moved the Kuun-Lan near the infected Module, quickly move it and recall all your ships, and hyperspace.


Mission Objectives:
+ Intercept the Bentusi vessel
+ Protect the Bentusi vessel
+ Protect the Caal-Shto
+ Destroy the Beast fleet

The thing that infected the Hangar Module and the Clee-San was code-named the Beast. It is a bio-technological virus that can adapt itself and uses living forms and their cells to create a self-sufficient neuronal net. The Beast spreads the infection with plasma beams, which cut the enemy's hull and injects the virus. All the infected forms are part of the original Beast.

Tactical suggests to reach a Bentusi Ship to collect more information about the Beast; the nearest Bentusi ship is the Aiowa system, and when you reach the system, immediately send a Seeker or a group of Acolytes to the marked zone, while your Workers harvest resources.

The Bentusi are attacked by Beast forces, and they reply to your warnings that no one will survive if it is so fool to attack the Unbounds; in fact, the Bentusi ship will begin to harvest enemy ships with multiple ion beams...

Move one group of Acolytes to help the Bentusi vessel, and maintain a group of ACVs near the Kuun-Lan. The Beast will launch two Ion Array Frigates and some Corvettes toward your Command Ship.

After having destroyed the incoming threat, send all your attack forces into the battle. The Kuun-Lan will pick up three hyperspace signatures. The Bentusi sent a distress signal to Hiigaran ships, and the Kiith Manaan replied by sending the Caal-Shto, a Carrier, and tow Ion Cannon Frigates.

Continue your battle against Beast fighters until an Heavy Cruiser reaches the Bentusi ship; quickly recall your fighters for repair and replace any lost ships. As the Cruiser begins to attack the trading vessel with infection beams, the Bentusi will begin to descript what they feel...something ancient, which is hungry, and modifies their sings and tears them apart...the Bentusi won't be bound. They self-destruct.

The Beast fleet is completely destroyed, but the Caal-Shto was caught into the explosion. Move your fighters into a defensive position; you now should be able to research Support Modules and to build the Advanced Engineering Module: do so, and research Micro-Ships in the new module and immediately build 12 (the max available) Support Modules. Your forces now should be a group of 20 Acolytes and one group of 10 ACVs, plus one Processor and 6 Workers. No Frigates are needed for now.

Do not send Workers to repair the Caal-Shto, but kep them harvesting resources. Fend off all attacks against the Carrier while you move the Kuun-Lan very near to the Caal-Shto and until you built your forces. Track enemy movements and move you fighters toward the Carrier producing Attack Bombers, Acolytes and Ramming Frigates. Be sure to intercept all enemies before dealing with the Carrier.

Once you have reached the Carrier, unlink any ACV you have and attack the enemy ship from sides, using missiles; the Carrier should retreat after a single attack. Destroy the remaining Workers, head back to the Kuun-Lan and hit J to finish the mission.


Mission Objectives:
+ Recon enemy base
+ Control all navpoints
+ Escort the Caal-Shto to the portal
+ Destroy all Taiidan minelayers
+ Destroy all Taiidan scouts
+ Research Phased Telemetry
+ Destroy the Heavy Cruiser

The Caal-Shto is badly damaged, and only its fusion reactor continues to work. Hyperspace module is offline, like all weapons and construction lines. If the Beast stages an other attack, the Caal-Shto will fall in its hands.

The only way to get the damaged Carrier out of this system is to use one of the portals located into the Kadir Nebula.

The map of this mission is a developed into a single, relatively thin line containing the portal where you entered (behind your back) and the Epsilon portal, where you have to escort the Caal-Shto. The portal consists of spirals composed by unharvestable asteroids.

When you arrives into the Nebula, Tactical tells you that there is an Imperialist Taiidan base between the entrance and the exit, and orders you to send a Seeker to gather information about the enemy forces. DO NOT do this; instead, send your Workers to harvest, and guard them with your Processor. Build at least two groups of 20 Acolytes each. You'll need speed rather than firepower in this mission. Build three Seekers: one will remain with the Kuun-Lan and the Caal-Shto, one will guard the Workers and the other will accompany the Acolytes. The seekers are the only units with full power to sensors: the nebula radiations block all other sensors, so the Taiidan base doesn't know the right number of forces that arrived, and it will continue to send groups of 5 Interceptors to scout the area. For now, they will head toward the Workers, so use one group of Acolytes to destroy them. The other group, with the help of a Seeker, will travel toward the Epsilon portal (proceed toward the second grey box and the continue in a straight line). Build the Armor Module and research the Force Field, too.

The Acolytes sent toward the portal will see several mines: take them down, and when you reach the portal, have them back (the Seeker too) to the Kuun-Lan and send one Seeker to scout the enemy base. The base itself produces only fighters, but has a full complement of Support, Assault and Ion Cannon Frigates plus a Carrier. After the recon is finished, the Kuun-Lan will issue the move order, and the Caal-Shto will begin to move toward the portal. Move one Seeker toward the exit, and it will find a group of Minelayers and Defenders. Destroy them with the Acolytes; one group should always remain with the Command Ships, and when Tactical detects a group of Interceptors (always five in delta formation), dispatch them for a quick shoot-down. If the Interceptors report back to the base, it will probably launch all Frigates and the Carrier to take you down. I've never did such a mistake, so I do not really know if this is true.

After destroying the Minelayers and their escort, move the Seeker close to the portal and ... Ta-Daa! - a Heavy Cruiser with 10 Defenders for its escort. Engineers are ready to research for Leech technology. This won't be a great help, unless you use ten or more Leeches to attack the Cruiser. Frigate drive will also be available, but the Hive Frigate isn't exactly what you need against a Heavy Cruiser. If you want, build one or two Ramming Frigates to move the Cruiser away from the Defenders. Deploy all Acolytes against the Cruiser, and have them unleash missiles against it. Then engage the Defenders, and replace all losses immediately.

After the Cruiser is destroyed the Caal-Shto will enter the portal, and you'll have to hyperspace to reach it. If you want, hang on a minute to harvest some resources, but the base already launched its forces toward you: in few minutes will be on you. Hyperspace ASAP and reach the Caal-Shto.

Pete Morfill (p.morfill@btinternet.com) sent this:
I was reading your walkthrough which is great, but I had a tip for the Kadiir Nebula mission. When you discover the Heavy Cruiser blocking your path, research the leeches tech as instructed. Then build ten and send them to attack the cruiser. Make sure you have at least 5 or 6 workers too. By the time you reach the cruiser and it's fighters it will be damaged (assuming you got your recon ship there far enough in advance); you can then attack it and its fighters with all your acolytes and follow the attack up immediately with a salvage attempt (using all those workers!) I managed to capture the heavy cruiser which came in very handy for the next few missions, and all I lost was a few fighters, which you can rebuild anyway. Obviously you need to make sure you have enough SU's for the capture.

Maullar.Maullar (maullar_maullar@yahoo.com) sent me this:
Hey. I just read your FAQ for Cataclysm on GameFAQs.
{snip...read General Tactics for the rest}

-On Mission 6, if you let any Interceptors report back to base, they WILL send their ENTIRE force at you. I had a very hard time with it on Very Easy mode.
If you let even an Interceptor report back (or just your units are within visual range of the base), the entire army will attack you. Also, when the Cruiser will be under attack (or when it will be destroyed, still have to understand), the entire Taiidan force will move toward you.


Mission Objectives:
+ Check origins of the distress signal
+ Protect Convoy
+ Destroy Beast ships
+ Destroy all infected ships

Engineers aboard the Kuun-Lan did whatever they could to find more info about the Beast. The Beacon you salvaged comes from an alien explorer ship, called the Naggarok; its origins are unknown, but it surely came from an other galaxy. This ship was using an hyperdrive incredibly powerful. The ship came out from hyperspace infected by the virus the Somtaaw code-named Beast, but the alien crew sacrificed themselves as they realized the destructive potential of this "creature", and destroyed engines and communication gears. However, the automated system launched the beacon you recovered...

The Caal-Shto is now fully repaired, and enters hyperspace to report to the New Daiamand (the Council formed of all Kiith-Sa) about the Beast. They also suggests to hide, but you receive an help signal from Republican Taiidan convoy DX-307. The escort has been wiped out, and the convoy is unarmed. The worst thing is that the convoy is attacked by 'unknown missiles'.

Make four groups of Acolytes (10 each), and if you want, substitute one of them with a group of 5 ACVs. Before sending the Acolytes toward the marked area, research Armor Level 2 and Quantum Charge.

The convoy is composed of 6 Colony Ships, and one is badly damaged. Keep your Acolytes in aggressive stance and wall formation, you'll need concentrated fire, and guard the central zone of the convoy. Shortly after you reached it, Cruise Missiles will start to attack the convoy. The Colony Ship are unarmed, like the Missiles, but if they hit their targets, they will infect it, and the infected Colony Ship will start to produce other Missiles. It is imperative to destroy these infected ships ASAP, or you'll have to face too many Missiles at once.

Engage the first wave of Missiles; each group contains 4 Cruise Missiles. Then move one group of Acolytes to protect the Kuun-Lan and the Workers. EMP upgrade for ACVs should be available, now.

The second wave will have more groups of Missiles, but it's still easy.

The third wave will increase the number of Missile groups (plus each group will contain 5 Missiles) and they will be escorted by Interceptors (5 in delta formation; they will escort the Missiles). You'll lose at least one Colony Ship, and you must destroy it ASAP, or the Missiles it will launch will infect all other Ships, making your task effortless. Launch a volley of Missiles from all nearby Acolytes, and then finish it with normal attacks. If you want, keep one or two ACVs ready to EMP a Colony Ship, but maintain a fighter escort on the Kuun-Lan. If you managed to salvage the Heavy Cruiser in the previous mission, this mission could become a real pain: just think if the Cruiser get infected. And if not, you won't have enough SUs to replace it with the more efficient Destroyer/Dreadnought combo; Super-Capital ships cannot be retired, so it was all a waste of time to capture it...

If you let the infection spread, all Colony Ships will be infected, and they will start to target your Command Ship: that's way the ACVs are there. The first target is the Processor (I think that the Crusier would be the first one to fall...), the Workers and then the Kuun-Lan. Seems that Cruise Missiles only do damage, but I'm not so sure...however, if you need reinforcements, recall on or two groups of Acolytes, but keep the other groups targeting the Colony Ships.

Eventually, you will finish this mission. After you saved the convoy, be sure that you have all 12 Support Modules installed, and expand you fleet with two Ramming Frigates and one Acolyte group, and convert them to ACVs. Your fleet should contain one Kuun-Lan (¬_¬...), one Processor, six Workers, 3 groups of 10 ACVs each and two Ramming Frigates. Be sure to have research everything too.


Mission Objectives:
+ Harvest resources and build new ships
+ Protect the spy from the pursuit of the Taiidan
+ Capture one Frigate
+ Capture three Resource Collectors
+ Destroy all other forces before they flee.

300.000 refugees thank you and your fleet. Their escort went to investigate about a signal sent by one of the Republican Heavy Cruisers, apparently disappeared few days before, and the now-unprotected convoy was attacked by this new Imperial weapon. Apparently, the Imperialist Taiidan are doing research on the Beast, and the Republican sent a spy to investigate about this. You decide to wait the spy.

The first thing to do is to send one group of Acolytes to the two purple points of the map: these points represent crystals; crystals come in small, medium and big shapes, and you need two, four and six Workers respectively to salvage and take them to the nearest Processor, Carrier and MotherShip. Research the Crystal Harvesting Capability and have your Workers collect them.

The spy will arrive soon, and will have Taiidan ships on his tail. Use a single group of Acolytes to destroy the enemy ships. You will encounter 6 Interceptors (delta formation), 4 Multi-Gun Corvettes (wall) and 15 Defenders (wall). Your ACVs should eat them in seconds. The approaching vector of the spy is randomly chosen.

After this easy combat, the spy informs you that the Imperialists have a research base on a nearby planet, and they are research a bio-weapon very similar to the Beast. Too similar. However, the planet is guarded by a net of Proximity Sensors and a large number of ships, but the spy suggests to steal some nearby ships dedicated to gathering resources.

I think that the AI randomly generates the area where the ships are, roughly

Opposite the spy's approaching vector. The number and types composing the harvesting group is fixed, however: it contains 8 Resource Collectors, 2 Support Frigates, 2 Assault Frigates, 3 Ion Cannon Frigates and 1 Gravity Wheel. You need to capture at least 3 Resource Collectors and one Frigate, but I suggest to capture every ship except the Gravity Wheel. You can retire all surplus ships, and capturing at least one type of Frigate (except the Support) will give you a new technology; Ion Cannon Frigates will give you Advanced Ion Cannons (Multi-Beam Frigate), while Assault frigates will give you Energy Cannons (upgrade for most ships). You have to do this within 15 minutes, or they will hyperspace back to their base, and your cover will collapse.

Start by destroying the Gravity Wheel with the two Ramming Frigates, or your ACVs won't be able to move and will be an easy target for the Frigates. Then move your ACVs (one group is enough, remember, you have to capture ships) and destroy the Support Frigates. Without these units, other Frigates won't be able to repair from their damage. Then slightly damage all other crafts and send you Workers to salvage them. You need two Workers for each Frigate and Collector. After you took the first Ion Cannon/Assault Frigate to the Kuun-Lan, the new technology will be available. Before updating or building any ship, complete the mission objectives (by destroying the uncaptured crafts or by capturing and retiring them). Retire the tow Ramming Frigates, build three or four Multi-Beam Frigates (sacrifice a group of ACVs for the fourth...I kept the ACVs and waited for more Frigates), retire all surplus ships and them hyperspace.


Mission Objectives:
+ Move Resource Collectors to the marked point
+ Destroy one Proximity Sensor
+ Create a diversion
+ Wait for the Resource Collectors
+ Recover the Collectors

The ships you captured will be used as troop-carriers to penetrate the planetary defenses intact, infiltrate into the base and destroy it. However, if the Beast already infected the base and the defense fleet, you'll have to flee.

OK, be prepared, this mission is very difficult. If you haven't captured at least an Ion Frigate in the last mission it will be very tough.

Send you Workers to harvest resources, but when they approach the sensor net (there are resources near it), recall them and keep them docked. Ships without weapon will nothing more than sitting ducks. Have your Acolytes link into ACV mode, and retire the Frigate you captured in the last mission and build an other Multi-Beam Frigate; you need only the Collectors.

Do not move directly the Collectors to the marked place, move the entire Kuun-Lan instead. Having Sentinels with Level 2 Shields (research them before moving) is a good idea. Place the Kuun-Lan on the marked spot, and then move it toward the net. When your MotherShip is near to the first Proximity Sensor, move the Collectors to the marked place and attack one Proximity Sensor with a group of ACVs or directly with the Kuun-Lan. This will make your Collectors move toward the planet.

No the Taiidan will throw nearly anything into battle. Recall your Workers and dock them (and keep them), assign the Processor to escort the Kuun-Lan. Keep the Kuun-Lan moving until it has passed the sensors. Do not move it too much, or you will have to face a Destroyer, plus all other forces.

Now, let's wait that the enemies are near the Kuun-Lan and throw your forces to counterattack. It is better to keep the battle near the MotherShip as you can benefit of its guns and the repairing capability of the Processor. If the situation is desperate, release the Workers and repair the Kuun-Lan (they will be destroyed immediately if they attempt to reach the Multi-Beam Frigates).

After few minutes, the Collectors should have reached the Vigilance, a Destroyer guarding the planet; it will let them through, and you must keep the defensive forces busy until they return. This will take about 5 minutes.

In these 5 minutes, the Taiidan will throw a lot of Capital Ships into battle, including a Missile Destroyer. It appears that the Destroyer and its escort (Assault, Ion and Support Frigates) jump randomly near you. I've got it on my tail or directly behind me. The Destroyer will be a Pain. Attack it with your Frigates, and keep the ACV attacking smaller crafts. Remember your have the EMP weapon to create a relatively quiet moment to re group your forces and destroy the smaller enemy crafts. Replace your forces as you lose them.

The Collectors are back, and they have interesting information about the Beast, but they have Attack Bombers on their tails. If you have passed the sensor net with the Kuun-Lan this won't be a problem, or you'll have to send something to protect the three Collectors. Sentinels may be a good choice, but I suggest a Frigate or a group of 5 ACVs.

When the Collectors have docked, recall your ships and hyperspace. I had to do an emergency hyperspace, and I left there most of my ACVs and the Processor: when you issue the hyperspace order all ships will begin to dock or go into position for hyperspace, and this will require time. And during this time enemies will be active, and they will go after the Kuun-Lan. If you want to wait for your forces, keep a sharp eye on the health bar.

Walkthrough - Part II - Missions 10-17

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