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Homeworld Cataclysm Indepth Information - Walkthrough - Part II - Missions 10-17
9. WALKTHROUGH - Part II - Missions 10-17


Mission Objectives:
+ Recover the Siege Cannon
+ Research the Siege Cannon Module
+ Build the Siege Cannon
+ Fire the Siege Cannon against the Beast Command Ship

After the raid on Gozan, you jumped into an area full of debris and derelicts; this large concentration of metallic objects should hide you. Data recovered by the planetary strike team are both horrible and interesting: the Imperialist Taiidan are trying to turn the Beast into a biological weapon, but so far they only found a way to sterilize infected hosts. So far, the Beast overran every control system implanted in the hosts by the Taiidan scientists.

Recon 214 is scouting the sector. It detects mines, as well as an old but still serviceable Siege Cannon. After sending you position data, Recon 214 returns to base as it detects enemy forces. The Siege Cannon could be the only weapon that can deal damage to the Beast. Tactical suggests to salvage it and install onto the Kuun-Lan.

Have you noticed the Corellian Corvette wreckage near the Cannon? Looks like a Star Destroyer lost the Siege Cannon while stalking that Corvette Wink

Begin with rebuilding your losses. Increase the number of Multi-Beam Frigates to six, and if you lost the Processor in the last mission, don't bother to replace it. Keep your Acolytes in ACV mode, you'll need the EM Pulse. Have the Workers harvest any resource in the area, and DO NOT move the Kuun-Lan.

After you rebuilt your losses, send the Multi-Beam Frigates and one group of ACVs to the Siege Cannons. Have the ACVs engage mines, and destroy all Turanic crafts trying to steal the Cannon.

Send four of your Workers to salvage the Cannon, and keep the ACVs and Frigates in aggressive mode. After the Workers docked with the Cannon, several Corvettes will attack your Workers. The Frigates should eat them in seconds.

Meanwhile, the Kuun-Lan will be under attack by four Ion Array Frigates: these Frigates use Cloak technology, and your engineers think that they can research Advanced Sensors able to detect hidden units; start the research immediately, and use the ACVs protecting the Kuun-Lan to EMP one or two Frigates while you recall the Frigates and the other ACVs guard the Workers.

After the Workers took the Cannon to your Command Ship, have them harvest resources and begin to research the support module for the Cannon.

An Imperial Fleet will jump into the area, as well as Turanic reinforcements. Quickly recall you Workers and keep them docked. Send ACVs to shoot down any threat for the Workers but retreat when you see the Heavy Cruiser and the three Destroyers. These ships will go for your MotherShip, so move it away from them. Do not try to engage in a stand-up fight, even with the ACVs using EMP, the battle will be hard at best. Just go away from the Super Capital Ships to minimize losses.

Shortly after the arrival of this party, the Caal-Shto enters the area, and the Turanics will go after it.

However, when the Pirates approach the Imperator-class Carrier, you'll notice something wrong...the Beast infected the Carrier, and...your old Hanger Module jumps into battle. The Beats converted your old Hangar Module into a Command Ship, and orders you to surrender.

The Taiidan and the Turanic will move to engage the Beast. Do not follow them; dock all your Strike Crafts and keep the Multi-Beam Frigates near the Kuun-Lan. Tactical suggests to use the Siege Cannon, and you have to move within a 100% accuracy range before firing it. However, you have only to hit the Beast, so you can be at 70/60% accuracy range when firing the Cannon.

After the Siege Cannon hit the Beast, the sensors show that the life form didn't suffered too much damage, and you must prepare to hyperspace. Do it ASAP, or the former Taiidan Cruiser and Destroyers will be on you.


Mission Objectives:
+ Protect the Faal-Corum
+ Destroy all Beast ships
+ Repair the Faal-Corum
+ Destroy enemy fleet

The first shot of the Siege Cannon burned the plasma conducts that power the Cannon, and it's now useless. Tactical suggests that engineers can tune the Cannon if they have enough data on the original Beast life form. This means finding the Naggarok, but your crew is not good enough to track this 1 million years old vessel, so you decide to rendezvous with the Faal-Corum and ask support to its astrogation (astronautic navigation) team.

As you jump into the system, a small Beast fleet is attacking the Faal-Corum. As you arrive rightly over the Fall-Corum, the ship crew thinks that the red Acolytes and Multi-Beam Frigates are yours, and you want to destroy your sister ship.

Send all you have against the Beast ships and rebuild your losses, and send them into battle as soon as they leave the Hangar. Send Workers to salvage the two crystals (one medium and one small ... if you have six Workers this will require them all), and then to harvest resources.

The Beast ships will be easily destroyed, both thank to your ships and Faal-Corum's ones. As the small fleet is destroyed, send 3 or 4 Workers to repair the Faal-Corum. Tactical also says that Destroyer Drive is available for research. After it is completed, build one Carrier (and then its Support Modules); after this, expand your fleet with two Destroyers (oh yeah) and then the second and last Carrier (and its support modules). Finish the production run with a third Destroyer.

The Beast will send an other fleet to capture you and the Faal-Corum. Establish a defense line composed by Carriers and Destroyers until you have finished building the ships I mentioned plus six Multi-Beam Frigates and twenty ACVs. The Faal-Corum will assist by sending Dervishes toward the enemy fleet; 10 Acolytes will stay with the two Explorer class vessels for protection. Be careful: the Beast will launch Cruise Missiles, and they will be your primary target: Frigates will be infected, and these Missiles inflict a good amount of damage to Super-Capital Ships (they cannot be infected).

Once you have finished building attack ships, it is time to go. Group them in a single wall formation and harvest any enemy unit so fool to fire at you. The Beast will send Hive, Ramming and Multi-Beam Frigates, and sometimes Cruise Missiles. Have the ACVs deal with the Ramming Frigates with a single EMP or by engaging them. You Capital Ships will take care of everything else.

OK, you're near your target: the enemy Carrier is protected by 3 Ion Array Frigates, 12 Sentinels forming a shield around the Carrier and two Defense Field Frigates. Send the Super-Capital Ships to engage the Ion Array Frigates, and if you want use the EMP of your ACVs on two of them. Then retreat your ACVs (the Carrier can infect them) and have your Destroyers target the Carrier inside the force shield. Keep at least two Multi-Beam Frigates to destroy any Cruise Missile. After the Carrier is destroyed, the Sentinels will break formation, and will start to attack you. Fighters against dedicated anti-fighter Frigates and heavy missiles from your Destroyers? Mhmm ... after the Sentinels, destroy the two Defense Field Frigates and finish with the two Workers.

Or, like Sebastian Mundt (sebastian_mundt@gesis.de) wrote:
To destroy the Beast's carrier send in 20 ACV's. Order them to guard the Faal-Corum attack group. Keep an eye an incoming cruise missiles. Once you approach the carrier let your ships EMP all enemies nearby. Unlock the ACV's to have 40 Acolytes ready for battle. Attack the cruiser and only the cruiser! Fire a full volley of missiles at it. That should almost bring down the carrier. Finish it with aggressive attacks in claw formation. If it blows up in a giant fireball let your Acolytes retreat and dock. Now it's time for your frigates and destroyers and - if you had been brave enough in level 6 salvaging the Taiidan Qwaar Jet - the Heavy Cruiser. The multibeam frigates will take care of enemy fighters, the destroyers and the cruiser will bring down the remaining capital ships.

The Faal-Corum will then send its astrogation team to you, and will begin its travel toward Hiigara to warn the Council about the Beast. Before ending the mission, be sure to collect every resource in the area and repair your ships.


Mission Objectives:
+ Defend your Command Ship
+ Destroy the Turanic Outpost

The astrogation team decoded the navigation data, and localized an area where the Naggarok could be. However, the area is too large, and you must narrow the area. It is possible that a Turanic Raider outpost is in the sector, and you are going to ask them for help.

Mimic 6-6-3 reports a visual confirmation of a large Turanic outpost in front of the Kuun-Lan. You declare that you come in peace, and request only access to their data charts. The Pirates reply with powering up turrets and sending their crafts to destroy you.

Move as fast as you can your Capital Ships into a wall before the Kuun-Lan, 25 Interceptors and 4 Missile Corvettes are on their way to welcome you. Prepare your ACVs, you may need some help: in this first wave, the Turanics will try to sink you a large group of light and manoeuvrable crafts. Keep all your forces near the Kuun-Lan for now. Then send your ACVs (10 will be enough) to the resource field at your left, and destroy the four mines (the Pirates' mines are big and white, easier to see and engage). Now you can send your Workers to harvest asteroids.

Now the Kuun-Lan will be under fire of seven Ion Array Frigates. Use the EM Pulse to disable them, and shoot them down with concentrated fire.

Begin to move the Capital Ships toward the Outpost, and your ACVs toward the small asteroid belt at your right: destroy the four Corvettes, and then send all your ACVs to "escort" your Destroyers and Multi-Beam Frigates.

The Turanic will keep throwing Strike Crafts: the most dangerous are the Corvettes, usually masked as Acolytes (you will see five Acolytes in X formation coming from the outpost), and they will sometimes try to steal your Frigates. The best way to destroy thief Corvettes are your ACVs and the missiles of your Destroyers.

Once near the outpost, you'll see 7 Ion Array Frigates: send your Capital Ships to engage them, and them use the EMP of your ACVs.

Now you should be able to see all forces surrounding the outpost: at your right a Lord Attack Carrier, at the centre the Outpost plus mines and various Strike Crafts and at your right 6 Ion Array Frigates. Attack from the left, and repeat the same tactic used with the other Frigates (EMP + concentrated fire). Then engage the Strike Crafts and some mines, and begin to attack the Carrier. Use your ACVs to shoot down any incoming mine; then use them to destroy the Interceptors the Carrier will begin to launch after you lowered its health at 50%.

After the Attack Carrier is no more, begin to attack the Outpost. It won't fire back nor produce any craft, so you can send you ACVs to the Kuun-Lan for repairs (and replace losses, though they will be very limited). When the outpost is low on health, a Taiidan fleet will jump into system. Ignore them, and continue to attack the Outpost. After its health is very low, the Taiidan will hyperspace away and the Turanic will surrender, leaving access to their maps.

Be sure to dock your Strike Crafts (Workers included) into the Carriers.


Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy enemy fleet
+ Assist the Faal-Corum

You now carry Pirate personnel on the Kuun-Lan, and you are en-route to find out the Naggarok and destroy it as long as its engines are not working. Despite Tactical increased security level, someone managed to install a strange device somewhere in the MotherShip ...

Most of the Kuun-Lan' systems are down. Tactical tells you that a massive EMP burst disabled the Hangar Module and destroyed one Support Module and the Engineering Module. The Kuun-Lan cannot launch or build new ships, and you must rely on Capital Ships. Sensors also pick up multiple hyperspace signatures: it's a trap.

Begin by rebuilding any lost Module, and if you stored your fighters into the Carriers as I told you, release them: the Workers will repair the Kuun-Lan, while the ACVs will provide cover for your Capital Ships; move these ships on the Kuun-Lan's left-rear side, and destroy all Attack Bombers and Interceptors. Now move them to the opposite side (forward-right) to intercept a Heavy Cruiser and one Destroyer. Let the ACVs use their EMP on these two ships, and use your Carriers for a faster destruction. Meanwhile, the Kuun-Lan will be surrounded by two other Heavy Cruiser/Destroyer groups. Use the same tactic as above, but keep a sharp eye on the Carriers' and Kuun-Lan's health bar.

When the second group is down, the Faal-Corum will arrive to assist you; it will provide Workers for faster repairs and will produce other vessels (Acolytes, ACVs and Multi-Beam Frigates) to help you. It will bring also 4 Ion Cannon Frigates, 2 Revelation-class Destroyers, 8 ACVs and 2 Ramming Frigates, and will transfer them under your control. Building and launching facilities now should be online.

The Taiidan will continue to launch several fighters and Destroyers backed up by Assault Frigates, so keep your ships near the Kuun-Lan for now. Decomission as many new ships you want, except the Destroyers (you can't) and the Ion Cannon Frigates (for now). Send you Workers to harvest resources, and move your Carriers to protect them.

The Faal-Corum ships will detect a Carrier, and you now must destroy it. Begin to move the Capital Ships toward the enemy Carrier ASAP. and keep the ACVs at their rear, to engage any Attack Bomber and/or Interceptor the AI will throw.

Once you're near the enemy Carrier, keep your ships advancing, and the Taiidan force will hyperspace to safety. Finish to repair any damage and retire the Ion Cannon Frigates. Be sure to have at least 80 SUs available fro the next mission and hyperspace to the Naggarok.


Mission Objectives:
+ Protect the Kuun-Lan
+ Recover a sample
+ Capture an enemy ship

After the Taiidan/Raider trap, you can head to the Naggarok and destroy it. However, the situation is desperate: many fleets fell under Beast control, and the other Kiith are defending Hiigara. The Republican Taiidan offer their help with a special weapon, but it isn't completed yet. Now you're alone, and you must destroy the Naggarok.

Recon flight 2-1-4 achieves a visual lock on the Naggarok. Around this massive ship there are several Imperialist ships, and they're repairing the Naggarok drives. After you opened communications with the Taiidan flagship, the Naggraok begins to speak: the Beast and the Taiidan now co-operates, and when all menaces will be destroyed, the Taiidan will receive half galaxy, while the Beast the other half.

Send your Workers to harvest the nearby resources, and move your Carriers in front of the Kuun-Lan, one on each side. The other Capital Ships will form a wall few KMs ahead. For now let your ACVs rest. The first Taiidan wave will be composed of several fighters (Interceptors plus Attack Bombers), and they won't pose too much problem. You can now build Archangels; build only one: two will use too many SUs. At least your Capital Ship group should composed of 1 Dreadnought, 4-5 Destroyers and few Multi-Beam Frigates (they can be infected, and this reduces their value a bit; plus you should have two Revelation-class Destroyers).

The Beast MotherShip will arrive at your right, and will begin to send several infected vessels toward you. Destroy them with your Capital Ships, and use your ACVs to disable the Ramming Frigates.

The job of your Capital Ships and one group of Acolytes (10 will be enough) will be to hold the line and distracting enemy forces until you can send a Mimic near the Naggarok to recover a sample of its structure. You will encounter a single Heavy Cruiser with Multi-Gun Corvette escort, but you should already have a Dreadnought online.

Before sending the Mimic, you have to destroy the Proximity Sensors located around the Naggarok. Send 10 Acolytes and begin to shoot them down. The Sensors are displaced as a plain circle around the alien vessel. Do not dare to pass the sensors, mines and a lot of Taiidan ships await you. You can use two groups of ten Acolytes each, but this seems to make the Taiidan very angry, and they will send ships (usually 1/2 Hive Frigates) after your Acolytes.

When the Sensors are down, send your Mimic to dock with the Naggarok, and be sure that the Mimic will reach the Kuun-Lan intact. After the Mimic has docked, the Naggarok and the Beast MotherShip will hyperspace with the bulk of the Taiidan ships toward an unknown weapon. The remaining Taiidan ships will begin to attack you, and you must capture one to know where the Beast is going.

The easiest ship to capture is one of the first Assault Frigates. Damage it, and send two Workers to salvage it. After you did so, you can hyperspace, but you can stay to destroy the remaining ships: the total force consists of 14 Assault Frigates, 2 Destroyers and 1 Missile Destroyer. The latter is not a great threat, especially because it is the last ship attacking. Use the EM Pulse to disable the standard Destroyers and then use the ACVs to harass the Assault Frigates (X formation with evasive tactic is the best choice) and let your Capital Ship finish off all ships.

Before hyperspacing, harvest all resources and repair your ships.


Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy the gate
+ Block the Bentusi Ships

The captured crew of the Taiidan ship confirmed that the Beast and the Imperialist are going to capture the Republican secret weapon, codenamed Nomad Moon, located in a large shipyard not so far from your position. Your engineers also adapted the Siege Cannon to produce a massive feedback in any Beast-infected life form, but you're still not able to fire it more than once. You must reach the Bentusi for asking help.

As you arrive in-system, one Bentusi ship is trespassing a inter-galaxy gate. You cannot stop this ship, so you have to watch it only. Bentusi ships are immune to EMP burst and you don't want to fire on them, so you must destroy the 6 generators around the gate.

Move all Capital Ship INCLUDING Carriers and any vessel with firepower except the Processor toward the portal and begin to destroy the generators. Concentrate fire on a single emitter at once. You should be able to stop the second ship trying to use the gate.

After you destroyed three or four generators, the Bentusi will begin to launch their Super Acolytes in groups of 6. Do not send any Strike Craft against them, they will be destroyed in seconds; just wait that the fighters are in range of your Capital Ships, and shoot them down.

When you destroy all generators, three other Bentusi ships (with a total of four if you stopped the second ship) will jump into system, and they will go after the Kuun-Lan (only one) and your Capital Ships (three ships will surround your group). The Bentusi ship near the Kuun-Lan won't launch Super Acolytes, so concentrate on your Capital Ships: only try to shoot down Acolytes, ignore the Bentusi ships.

When the Bentusi will destroy one Capital Ship (Processor included) or badly damage the Kuun-Lan (see below), you will engage in a verbal battle with them. Eventually the Bentusi will cease fire, and will agree to help you. Four new technologies will be available: Advanced Fighter and Frigate Drive, Armor and Force Field Level 3. Before jumping to the next mission, research them and update all surviving crafts and replace your losses.

If you do not shop the second ship, the Bentusi reinforcements will jump over your MotherShip, and they will send Super Acolytes. Quickly recall your Capital Ships and destroy the enemy Acolytes. When they destroy a ship or the Kuun-Lan is at red health status, the discussion will begin and the mission will be finished.


Mission Objectives:
+ Localize the Clee-San
+ Damage the Clee-San
+ Dock the Clee-San with a Worker
+ Harvest resources
+ Engage and destroy the Beast Fleet

With the help of the Bentusi, the Siege Cannon should be able to sustain continued fire. The Bentusi were trying to escape from the Beast as this bio-technological life form keeps the alive for controlling ships. The Bentusi are in symbiosis with their ships, like Karan Sjet with the MotherShip during the Homeworld war; this is why the Bentusi helped the Kushan and why they weren't reluctant to help you. Tactical proposes to lay down a trap for your old Hangar Module, now the Beast MotherShip, infected with a small part of the Beast original form. The target will be the Clee-San, as it is the first infected ship.

However, you don't know where the Clee-San exactly is ... during your research, you encounter the Kiith Manaan fleet, which knows where Clee-San is. Seems that the Beast is going to infect a whole planet.

Once you jump into the system that the Manaan told you, you don't really know where the Clee-San is. Send a Recon (or a Mimic...do not use ACVs or Acolytes) to the marked area. The Clee-San is escorted by a large fleet, including Carrier, Heavy Cruisers, Frigates and full Strike Craft support. You need to close enough to fire a glancing blow with your Siege Cannon.

Begin to move your fleet including the Kuun-Lan. Keep your Capital Ships before the MotherShip, and have the Carriers guard it. Keep your ACVs (you'll need the EMP) with the Capital Ships. During your travel, you'll encounter 2 Heavy Cruisers escorted by Ramming, Multi-Beam and Hive Frigates, Corvettes (usually Multi-Gun) and fighters (Interceptors, Acolytes and Attack Bombers). Unleash the EM Pulse on the Cruisers, then engage with the ACVs their escorts and let the Capital Ships destroy the Cruisers. I forgot to say that you'll encounter these Cruisers in two separate groups (¬_¬...).

You should have reached the distance for firing the Cannon now. Move away every ship in front of the Kuun-Lan, and issue the firing order.

If the projectile hit, Tactical will inform you that the Clee-San is damaged but still active, and the Siege Cannon is intact; it also tells you to dock the Clee-San with one Worker before the Clee-San explodes. However, it escort is still active.

Sending the Capital Ships with ACV support, you'll encounter a third Heavy Cruiser and a lot of Frigates. Use the ACVs to EMP the most dangerous ship in visual range, and use concentrated fire to quickly destroy your opponents. ACVs will be useful to destroy enemy Minions ramming your ships.

Once you have reached the Clee-San, recall the ACV and destroy the Carrier inside the Force Field, then deal with the Sentinels, Defense Field Frigates and Workers. Send one Worker near the Clee-San it will automatically dock.

The Worker crew estimates that even the few active bio-circuits would be able to revolution their ship designs, but Tactical points out that these circuits were members of your Kiith...once the Worker has finished its work, the Clee-San will explode.

Begin to harvest resources now. Immediately send four Workers to salvage the medium and small crystals in the area (if you didn't before) or harvest the nearby asteroid belt.

After 2 or 3 minutes, the Beast MotherShip will appear near the two crystal located on the map's side. It is imperative to destroy any ship in the area.

Do not move directly the Kuun-Lan toward the Beast, but position one Seeker between you and the enemy. The first wave of crafts will be composed of Seekers. Use your ACVs to deal with them. The second wave is formed of various Frigate and Corvettes and an Heavy Cruiser. Try to shot at this group with the Siege Cannon, and finish the group with the Capital Ships. Begin to move Kuun-Lan, and when you reach an 70/80% of accuracy, fire the first shot. This shot will damage the MotherShip and destroy most of the ships escorting it. The next waves of Beast crafts will be mostly Seekers (maybe in higher difficulty levels it will use Acolytes/ACVs), usually 7 to 10, covering 3 or 4 Cruise Missiles; do not bother to engage them with your Capital Ship, use the ACVs instead. You might lose a Frigate or two to Cruise Missiles, so keep the ACVs before your main strike force or engage the Missiles only. Keep the Kuun-Lan moving, until it reaches a 100% accuracy. Fire the second shot. The Beast will be badly damaged this time, ready for a relatively quick kill by massed Capital Ship fire.
Move your Capital Ships close to the MotherShip and finish it. Ignore the fighters it will release (Seekers and Cruise Missiles; if you're lucky enough the Missiles will be destroyed as soon as they exit the Hanger by your Multi-Beam Frigates or slam themselves on Super-Capital Ships), and be prepared for the explosion. The shockwave will damage your ships, and it is better to move the Frigates away to avoid stupid losses. Strike Crafts will be obliterated, so keep the ACVs near the Kuun-Lan.

Now it is time to destroy the Naggarok. Before jumping to the next mission, be sure to collect all resources in the area (especially crystals), you'll may need them for the next mission. If you want, retire your Workers to free some SUs. If you have a Processor ... well, you cannot retire it, so you can choose between keeping it as an escort for the Kuun-Lan or destroy it with your ships. If the Ion Frigates and Revelation-class Destroyers survived, do not retire them: they do use SUs but give you some extra firepower (especially the Destroyers).


Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy the Naggarok
+ Destroy the repulsor field emitters
+ Destroy the Nomad Moon
+ Recon the unknown hyperspace signatures

Here we are. The final battle against the Beast. The Imperialist Taiidan and a large Beast fleet is attacking the Republican base, and the Beast already took control of the Nomad Moon. Republican fleet is overwhelmed, and seems that the Beast wants to destroy any opposition. When you enter the system, you request information about this weapon, but Cruise Missiles destroy the Carrier before it can send any data. (BTW, I want to know why the Kuun-Lan identified itself as a WarShip ... Wink

Switch to the sensor display. You will notice several Beast ships attacking a small group of Republican Taaidan. Use the Siege Cannon to destroy small crafts (with 100% accuracy Strike Crafts and Frigates will be destroyed or badly damaged), and send your Super-Capital Ships to finish all survivors. You'll encounter an Heavy Cruiser. You can use a EMP burst or simply concentrate fire on it.

Begin to move your fleet, including the Kuun-Lan. Several group of ships will attack you. Keep the Capital Ships as a spearhead, and at least five ACVs to guard the other ships from fighter assaults. The Beast will use Cloaked Fighters as well, so it's better to keep a Seeker near the Command Ship to detect incoming cloaked crafts. The Beast will send a lot of Frigates, and seldom Heavy Cruisers backed up by fighters (prepare to fend off strafing runs staged by Attack Bombers, Missile Corvettes and Interceptors). Do not hesitate to use the Siege Cannon to kill the Cruisers' escorts, the Ships will be able to concentrate on the Cruisers and finish them quickly.

Your target, the Naggarok, is directly in front of you, but send a Recon or a Mimic to scout the exact position of the Nomad Moon and the Beast. The Nomad Moon is the large spherical object, and the four smaller spheres are repulsor filed emitters; the Naggarok is behind the Moon, and there are two Beast Carriers near the Republican weapon, plus one Carrier. Each of these vessels has full escort of Strike Crafts, and the Carriers will continue to produce Hive, Multi-Beam, Ramming and Ion Array Frigates. After your Recon spotted the Naggarok and the Moon, a huge repulsor field will be fired by the station, killing your Seeker if it wasn't infected by the Beast. With this repulsor field on line, no enemy ships will be able to attack the Moon or the Naggarok: the repulsor field will force your ships away and will damage them (Capital Ships too). Do not fire the Siege Cannon, the repulsor field will deviate the shot, in most cases directly on the Kuun-Lan (with such a shot, you will lose all modules and any Strike Crafts positioned near your Command Ship).

Begin to move near the Moon, but leave at least 70/80 KMs between you and the Kuun-Lan. Keep your Capital Ships near the Kuun-Lan; you will be attacked by a lot of ships: the AI will throw you several groups of ships, with different timings: four Ion Array Frigates, 2 Hive Frigates, 2 Ramming Frigates, 8 Missile Corvettes plus 1 Defense Field Frigate, 6 Cruise Missiles.

Produce 10/15 ACVs, and send them to find out the Proximity Sensors. Stationary as always, these Sensor are the only things that alerts the Nomad Moon of enemy Strike Crafts in the area. There are only two sensors, located in the frontal area of the Moon. When the Senosrs are gone, the only way to destroy the emitters is to slam some MCVs onto them: the Capital Ships are detected by the Moon itself, and they will be repulsed an then attacked by the Heavy Cruiser and its escort (some Missile Corvettes), and unmasked crafts will be destroyed by the Cruiser and its escort. You'll need 11 Quantum Charge-equipped MCVs to destroy the one emitter.

After the emitters, you must destroy the Nomad Moon, but before you have to kill that Cruiser (if you didn't it before) and its escort. Meanwhile, fire the Siege Cannon (as target choose the Nomad Moon, the Naggarok is now invulnerable), and send one Destroyer (I used a Revelation class, keeping my Deacons for the end...) near the first crystal at your left. Tactical says the firing on such a large crystal depot will cause a major explosion. The best way to destroy the Nomad Moon is to use the Siege Cannon combined with 2 or 3 Destroyers. Keep away most of Capital Ships from the Moon, or you will have a rude awakening.

When the Moon is down to 50% health, an Imperial fleet will arrive in the area ordering to surrender. Ignore it. Near the crystal field, Tactical will pick up other hyperspace signatures, and orders you to send a Seeker and see what kind of ships are. They are Beast ships. Wait until the Carrier is near the crystal field, and use the Destroyer to blow a single crystal. The shockwave caused by the explosion will destroy all other crystal, and hopefully the whole Beast fleet.

After the Moon, you should go after the Naggarok, but the alien ship will eat one of your Capital Ships. Regroup the remaining ones and form a defensive wall between the Kuun-Lan and the Naggarok.

The Bentusi will jump over your Command Ship, and will send you data about their Super Acolytes. Build 10 fighters, but maintains at least 10 ACVs (I recommend 15), 1 Dreadnought and 4/5 Destroyers.

The Taiidan fleet will retreat from battle, leaving only the Beast to destroy.

Before attempting to attack the Naggarok, you must research a way to eliminate its anti-inertial drive.

If you do not blow at the right moment the crystals, you'll have to face 3 Heavy Cruisers with full escort, plus one Carrier that was hiding behind the Naggarok (you can attack it before, but this will trigger the Imperial fleet event).

The Naggarok will come near you to consume one of your Capital Ships (does it must recharge itself?), and then will move to the edge of the map. This "recharge" occurs once every minute, so be quick to build 15 ACVs to EMP it and 10 Super Acolytes to provide additional firepower to your Capital Ships when the Naggarok comes to eat. Replace the "consumed" ships with Multi-Beam Frigates, Destroyers or Super Acolytes. Dreadnoughts will take too much time, and other crafts will be useless against the Naggarok.

The first time I used a single EMP burst fired by 15 ACVs, the Naggarok retreated to repair its drive, and four Heavy Cruisers jumped into the area. Send your Super Acolytes to intercept the Cruisers and their escort (5/6 Multi-Gun Corvettes for each vessel) toward the nearest. With ten Acolytes you should be able to destroy two Cruisers and their escort. The other two Cruisers will be on your Command Ship, and the remaining Capital Ships will destroy them if you can concentrate their fire on a single unit per time.

Then send the ACVs for an EMP burst. After an EMP burst, the Naggarok will retreat to be repaired by Workers. Before destroying the Worker, use the EMP on the Naggarok. The Beast vessel will begin to move toward your Capital Ships; attack it with everything you have, including Carriers and the Kuun-Lan. I was lucky enough to destroy the Naggarok when it was eating the second Capital Ship. I really don't know if after the second time other Cruisers will jump, but they weren't so hard to take down (thanks to the Super Acolytes), so you can afford that risk.

Once the Naggarok is destroyed, the game is over.

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