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23 Sep 05
HWACCESS.NET Development  Status #1

HWACCESS.NET Development Status #1

Sometimes I look at the frontpage and think "What now?". Unbelievable, right?

This site has some flaws that I need to be correcting. The INTRO-pages for Cataclysm and HW2 are still missing, despite the fact that in worst case I could just copy-paste the text from Relic's game intros. Some other of the links...

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30 Aug 06
New Mod added to listing

New Mod added to listing

I am proud to be able to add ClassicThunder to the Mod List, both as a mod I host, and as a site I provide here at HWACCESS.net

ClassicThunders Site

Our Mod List

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06 Dec 06


Some of You may have noticed a new site, www.homeworldtrinity.org being a complement to this site. Complement?
Well, see it this way, the great looks and graphical content of HWTRI is meant to pimp Homeworld. Even more, if possible. HWACCESS will remain and...

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11 Apr 07
Activation of members

Activation of members

As a security precaution I enabled the Administration Activation of Members a few days ago, but then I forgot about it. So I apologize to those who were activated today and welcome them.

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29 Jan 11
Upgrade of site...

Upgrade of site...

Well, finally decided on a small revamp.

Somethings obviously need coding to fall into place again and I need more blue and yellow in this layout. But whats new about that?

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05 Feb 11
Many new members...

Many new members...

Given the preparations for the site upgrade I have not looked in to activation of new members for a while. I am still surprised over the amount of registrations being done on this site over the years. Of course, some are spam bots, hence the manual activation required to try to avoid these.

Despite that late activation (I am still on it)...

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