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Homeworld Shots

18 Sep 16


I just upgraded HWSHOTS to latest available Gallery Software Update (Piwigo) and some issues we have seen sporadically are now gone. Also looking in to some kind of blog section where to post just this kinda things. E-mail notifications for Comments also kicked in, but I have disabled public commenting since there were a few spammers.

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10 Oct 05
HWSHOTS Update #2

HWSHOTS Update #2

It is pretty difficult to define which mods are the greatest exponent of Modding Talent. Since they are different, and use different approaches to the game, with different goals, I assume that could never be determined. Favourites, yes, most played, too. But hardly best or worst on a general approach.

However, I think we may have reached...

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30 Sep 05
HWSHOTS Update #1

HWSHOTS Update #1

Freespace New Age might be coming up, meanwhile feast Your senses with: AFF


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