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Complex is a free advanced game modification based on Relic Entertainment's Homeworld 2 game engine, free of any business directive, developed with passion and hard work, for experienced Homeworld players only.

Ships / Units

New game units (3D Models) have been added, along with their own characteristics and specific gameplay role. Below is the complete list based on race and class.

Hiigaran race Fighter class: XBomber, Spy, Intruder, Shiry Corvette class: MineGun Corvette, Khopesh Corvette Frigate class: Sniper Frigate, Tulwar Frigate Platform class: Ion Cannon Platform, Viper Missile, Tango Mine Capital class: Research Station, Crew Station, Ion Destroyer, Juggernaut, Shuttle Utility class: Trade Container, Core (evacuation cell)

Vaygr race Fighter class: Defender Corvette class: Multilance Corvette, Storm Corvette Frigate class: Artillery Frigate, Warfare Frigate Platform class: Cruiser Missile Capital class: None Utility class: None

Subsystems / Modules

New game modules have been added, along with their own characteristics and specific gameplay role. Examples include the Harvest Control Module ( improves harvesting operations within a limited radius around the carrier ship), Drive System ( improves speed and acceleration of carrier ship and friendly units within a limited radius around the carrier ship), Defense Control Tower ( improves armour of carrier ship and friendly units within a limited radius around the carrier ship), Repair System ( improves auto repair rate of carrier ship and friendly units within a limited radius around the carrier ship) and many more.


Research trees have been improved up to the limit of the game engine, a lot of new technologies, abilities and upgrades have been added. The player can research upgrades to improve his units characteristics such as "drive", "weapon damage, accuracy", "RU rate, load, drop-off", "repair speed", "shield power, time, regeneration", "hyperspace cost, time, damage, regeneration", "capture strenght", "cloak power, time, regeneration", "sensor range, distortion", not possible in the original game design.

Game Graphic / Engine

The graphics have been overhauled, for example: Units keep their full graphic detail at a greater visual range. The player has an improved view so he can have full control of the fleet. Shadows, textures and special effects (explosions, smoke, engine trails) have been improved too.

Game Parameters

Complex introduce new game parameters to the Homeworld series; here is a list concerning the gameplay structure: Military rank (represents the player's military career), Honour (represents how well the player is doing), Crew/Officers recruitments (for ships which need a certain amount of crew and officers too), Game year (for the processing of RU fusion, RU trade network, RU megalith, Maintenance cost), Research score (represents the technology status of the player) and Maintenance cost (depending on the size and structure of the fleet) .

Other Additions

There are also new maps, a completely improved and extended user intarface, including a real time cinematic engine which has been added, allowing the player to admire the fleet from different viewpoints.

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So recently we passed 6.000.000 visits to this site. That's 6 MILLION unique visits. All these good people have so far downloaded the hosted files over 300.000 times. Considering it is over a time span that is fast approaching 20 years, it may not be huge numbers, but keeping this running since January 2005 has not always been without glitches. We were so many more then, and a lot are still active in other channels. Please help me out a bit, if you like what you see and would help me keep this up and running for another 20 years, please consider hitting that button there below and send what you are able to my way. This is the only AD you will ever see on this site.


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