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Homeworld Indepth Information - Credits

The first credit goes to Relic, for Homeworld. Then to Sierra for having published it. The third is to me, Briareos Kerensky (briareos@inwind.it), the fourth to GameFAQs (and all sites showing this FAQ with my permission) and the fifth to you for reading it. For now, no one sent me mails about this FAQ, but if someone writes something interesting, I will put his or her name here.

+ Barrengate (neobios@comcast.net) for the Swarmer stats.
+ Andrew Traviss (ninja_squirrel_@hotmail.com) for his e-mails.
+ Doug McLaren (dougmc@frenzy.com) for the infos on the Dawg.
+ David Brower (David.Brower@oracle.com) for his additional missions tactics.

I would like to thank my new computer, which allowed me to play HW at 1600x1200x32; the official HomeWorld site for Tech/Ships' English names; the HomeWorld unit viewer and its funny descriptions of the ships; Leader for having translated only game's texts (knowing how their dubbers mauled MechCommander and Falcon 4.0...); Fate's Warning, the main soundtrack of the long hours where I wrote this document; I would like to thank my girlfriend, but I haven't one.

Sites authorized to show this FAQ:

+ GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
+ Wolf Art (my site, visit it! http://www.geocities.com/khan_briareos/index.htm)
+ Esprit Network (http://cataclysm.esprit-str.com), translated in French
+ Cheat Happens (http://www.cheathappens.com)
+ IGN FAQs (http://faqs.ign.com)
+ HOMEWORLD ACCESS (http://www.homeworldaccess.net/news.php)

To ask permission to post this document, just send a mail writing down the URL. To contact me, write at briareos@inwind.it; ICQ UIN is 40534369; Odigo ID is 264286, though you won't receive answer to such messages (I'm just bored of all the ICQ crap and Odigo's tendency of cutting to half your effective speed 'cause it has to check if the world is still working). Write only about this FAQ or if you have a cute(female)friend/sister to introduce.

Copyright (c) Briareos Kerensky 2001/2002. Reproduction and translation of this document (as a whole or parts of it) in any mode without permission is strictly forbidden. All names and marks are proprieties of respective owners.

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