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GFX Update Mods SP and MP for Homeworld

Hey y'all, sorry i've not been around, masses of work as it's nearing the end of term here and i have much work to do. i was editing this page yesterdat, and wrote loads on it, when i accidentally closed it without saving and consequently got very angry! just to let you all know the project is still going but at a slow rate due to the huge amount of work i am doing and the fact i an now a new member of the requiem war team.

You can download the 0.9MP version of my mod here.


So recently we passed 6.000.000 visits to this site. That's 6 MILLION unique visits. All these good people have so far downloaded the hosted files over 300.000 times. Considering it is over a time span that is fast approaching 20 years, it may not be huge numbers, but keeping this running since January 2005 has not always been without glitches. We were so many more then, and a lot are still active in other channels. Please help me out a bit, if you like what you see and would help me keep this up and running for another 20 years, please consider hitting that button there below and send what you are able to my way. This is the only AD you will ever see on this site.


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