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Onslaught for Homeworld Cataclysm v. 4.1.9 | FINAL |

It completely replaces the playable ships on both sides with unflown ships from HW and HWC, producing a new, highly aggressive game.

The new fleets include the Kadesh, Bentusi, Turanic Raiders, Derelicts, Ghostship, Nomad Moon and many more besides!

Every playable ship has been changed plus different resources, different backgrounds, different gameplay, different colours, different effects and nearly 400 included MP maps.

Team colours are fully supported.
Download File (16.44MB)

Onslaught for Homeworld Cataclysm v. 4.1.9 | FINAL |

Onslaught for Homeworld Cataclysm v. 4.1.9 | FINAL |
Posted 17 years ago in Homeworld Cataclysm Modifications

Publisher Information

Publication Date: 16-01-2007Published by: HomdaxPublisher's Official Homepage: No information availableCopyright: No information available

Download Information

Version: 4.1.9Operating System: Windows and Homeworld CataclysmDownload License: Free to distributeTotal Downloads: 3314 downloads