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Externally Built (EB) Mod - by komninosm

This is an older version of the Reverse Weapons mod, but with an alteration where Frigates are treated like Super-Capital craft: they can be constructed underneath the Mothership like the Super-Capital vessels but can't dock - apparently to stop the Beast player from quickly acquiring the technology too quickly. Building times for much shipping has been halved as well.
Download File (199.77Kb)

Externally Built (EB) Mod - by komninosm

Posted 18 years ago in Homeworld Cataclysm Modifications

Publisher Information

Publication Date: 15-05-2006Published by: HomdaxPublisher's Official Homepage: No information availableCopyright: No information available

Download Information

Version: 2.0Operating System: http://www.geocities.com/komninosm/Download License: free for non-commercial useTotal Downloads: 2107 downloads