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Update CMS to 6.00.108
MaintenancePosted at developer site:
A XSS exploit has been discovered that allows a malicious user to steal your cookie. Thankfully it was rather easy to fix, thanks to the help of CrappoMan and me. The fix is available as a separate patch (6-00-108up.zip) and has been added to the sourceforge files. Patch 6-00-108 upgrades both version 6.00.106 or 6.00.107. If you wish to update manually please click read more for details. Thanks to ratboy & pacifico for their information. This patch also contains some more corrections in messages.php.

Update implemented

Jaens and Riess' logos finally on place!
I am grateful to Jaen-ni-rin and Riesstu IV for the work on the Mouse Over logo above. I will complement it with links to three Custom Pages with some basic game info on each game.
I guess some of You thought I'll never come around to put them up...but here they are!

Finally DNS Updated!

We are now past the redirects and other confusing stuff.
The DNS has been updated, an everything is as it should be.

I also moved the site structure to /root, skipping the /hwa addition.

Remember link here is http://www.homeworldaccess.net/ just like it should be.


We need some work done here.
Feel free to spank up some members and I need more input on my stuff.
Soo far soo good, but I feel we can start upping files and addding mods in a more accelerated pace. If You want to, but dont have rights, PM me and I'll check it out.

I urge You all to use our "common RB signature" if You like, just check mine or Babbos or Voids or SideWinders for details...at RB...duh
Google AdSense
Even though I probably should not ask for this, I would like to point out that the Google Ads to Your right, are there to provide a few bucks. I just now checked the balance. It sums up to the astounding $ 0.00. So go figure...click on them dammit! At least a little....there were ZERO clicks.
But, dont overdo it.

Thank You
/Homy teh capitalist
Some corrections made
Since I notice some image links and downloads had broken links, I am fixing this. They are broke ONLY DUE to not yet updated DNS and absolute linking. Files are there, they are OK and I have corrected linkings to relative ones.
I concentrated on Downloads and they are all correct by now.
I also noticed the Members List gave an empty page. Code corrected.
Feel free to report anything You might notice that does not work, but basically everything seems fine for now. The Advanced Upload function seems to work nicely as well.
I am writing this from the new server att http://www.scorpionshops.com.
Movage was successful and everything seems to be on place.
I expect ONE issue to trouble us:
- Some downloads are listed with absolute links, with path to hwaccess.net. That is of course OK, but until the DNS update for the new location is done, they will point to the old server. Files are there, but there may be a glitch, perhaps one day, perhaps a couple. If it is lenghty, I will alter downloads path to reflect a relative path.

Welcome back Guys, we now have 2 GB and a faster, more reliable server!
Moving...changing server
After some digging I have reached the conclusion that we can do better than this server, with a minimum of extra cost. Thus we will be moving everything in aproximately 10 days. Meaning no later than the 15 of May. The new server will have 2 GB of space, and all the functionality and language support I can ever think of. UNIX-PHP-MySQL of course. With PHP 5 according to following PHP Info link: http://www.scorpiondata.com/phptest.php5
Problems with File-hosting.
There seems to be problems with my web-hotel hosting any files that are *.zip or *.exe or similar.
I am awaiting some kind of response, after all I have 11 domains with them and 5-6 of them must be able to host that.
Really do not think they would want me to close down the lot...?

For now, dont put any new files there, those who can...
A small invitation and web space
I have written to a couple of the Relic Community Mod coders, offering distibution space here, along with selected Media and Information. I have also added space to this site up to 500MB. Thus increasing the original space by 500%.
The goal for this site, if not revealed before, is to maintain resources and information for Homeworld Mods, Maps and Games. It deserves to be repeated.

I will also improve the site script capabilities, presently we lack means to correctly maintain a properly categorized Download Catalogue, but I have found a solution to that, which after testing, will be implemented.


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29-02-2016 17:53
A new version of my HW2 is in the works.Most likely the final version but I don't know when it will be released. Smile

24-02-2016 15:57

13-10-2015 01:38
I have returned!

22-09-2014 13:23

09-09-2014 00:10
I recently added a new build of my HW2 mod. Grin Located: http://www.homewo...ws

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