NewsSome of You may have noticed a new site, www.homeworldtrinity.org being a complement to this site. Complement?
Well, see it this way, the great looks and graphical content of HWTRI is meant to pimp Homeworld. Even more, if possible. HWACCESS will remain and will still have what You see, I am not in for throwing it away. But, I enhance the focus on Mod hosting and resource gathering a bit more here, and concentrate on newsworthy items from the Homeworld modding universe at HWTRI. Like news on the release of Onslaught v. 4.1 or new version of Complex...that kind of stuff.

As it is I have eased up some slightly clutterish items on the frontpage of this site, and will do some more cleanup when possible. Suggestions are welcome.

And yes, the ads I get offers about will be posted. I know that AOL is hardly relevant in Europe, but those ads actually generates some cash. So bear with them. AOL will be replaced with something else and that again. Campaigns.

Adblock blocks my banners

Another noteworthy thing is related to the Adblock extension of Mozilla/Firefox. I just today noticed that top banner will not show if enabled for this site. If You use Adblock, please consider trusting my site...

New Ubisoft AD's
I got an offer from Ubisoft to host some ad's so here they are. Reorganized a few panels to make them fit in nicely. Please PM me if they are VERY annoying.
New Mod added to listing
NewsI am proud to be able to add ClassicThunder to the Mod List, both as a mod I host, and as a site I provide here at HWACCESS.net

ClassicThunders Site

Our Mod List
Upgrade to 6.01.3
MaintenanceSite System upgraded to latest available stable version due to a number of hacker attempts based on discovered vulnerabilities, which have been removed.
Update CMS to 6.00.304 and 305 implemented
Site CMS has been updated.
Particularly the 305 update addressed a nasty potential hack.

Update CMS to 6.00.303
Several small and mayor fixes made this necessary.
All files in installation have been replaced with the exception of those controlling the layout.

Update CMS to 6.00.203
MaintenanceThis is a new "mayor" version that has been long awaited.
More secure, fatsre, better in many ways, and with integrated editor and other things.

I lack the features I had on my most wanted lit though, such as diverse sub-categories, custom titles for system access rights and more. :meh:
HWSHOTS Update #2
Homeworld ShotsIt is pretty difficult to define which mods are the greatest exponent of Modding Talent. Since they are different, and use different approaches to the game, with different goals, I assume that could never be determined. Favourites, yes, most played, too. But hardly best or worst on a general approach.

However, I think we may have reached a point when most "important" Mods for HW2 are represented.
Angels Fall First, Point Defense Systems, Requiem War, Dustwars, Frespace New Age, Gundam and Complex. All are represented at HWSHOTS. Do we lack anyone? Certainly! Contact people and ask them. There are no HW1 Mod. We lack screenies of the Cataclysm Mods Rebirth and Onslaugth.

These are "only" images. But they represent so much effort and so much talent...

The End Time never begun...a new Homeworld is around the corner...help me light that torch!
HWSHOTS Update #1
Homeworld ShotsFreespace New Age might be coming up, meanwhile feast Your senses with: AFF

HWACCESS.NET Development Status #1
Sometimes I look at the frontpage and think "What now?". Unbelievable, right?

This site has some flaws that I need to be correcting. The INTRO-pages for Cataclysm and HW2 are still missing, despite the fact that in worst case I could just copy-paste the text from Relic's game intros. Some other of the links in navigation bar are also missing, unnecessarily since we have much of the information.

Much of what has been done is barely visible. The Mod section Downloads has increased, just today with Dustwars Minimod 0.2. Walkthroughs are getting ready, thanks to Babbo, not me...
I have successfully provided Tel'Quessir with a new site, as announced below, and PDS 7 is just around the corner, due after weekend sometime. And released from HWACCESS.NET !!! Well, www.pds.homeworldaccess.net. Viperslayer is running wild on www.homeworldhalo.homeworldaccess.net and have just these days announced a beta (I think) of The Progenitor Mod.

A Gallery has been set up at www..homeworldshots.net using the well known Gallery 2.0 software, and I have managed to get Tel'Quessir, Progenitor and Beghins (Complex Mod) to start using it. Currently there are 635 images there, including all available Concept Art for all games I have found soo far. All decently categorized and of that 101 pictures in Member Personal Albums. Go there, register, use it..

So, all in all, things aren't that bad, I even think some people might have begun thinking of HWACCESS.NET as a Community Resource and that would be great.

I have some more plans but instead of bragging on what I want or will do, I just present it when it is done, much like the sites above are done and ready for more "Combat Engagement".

Thank You all for provided time and work soo far, we hang in!

All the Best,


Famous Neighbours

Allow me to introduce:

Tel'Quessir /Point defense Systems www.pds.homeworldaccess.net

Viperslayer /The Progenitor Mod www.homeworldhalo.homeworldaccess.net



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29-02-2016 17:53
A new version of my HW2 is in the works.Most likely the final version but I don't know when it will be released. Smile

24-02-2016 15:57

13-10-2015 01:38
I have returned!

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09-09-2014 00:10
I recently added a new build of my HW2 mod. Grin Located: http://www.homewo...ws

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