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20 Jun 24

Revising site

This site needs a revision.

I love the layout and the colours, but sometimes I get the impression is is a bit crowded. As I see it I have two short term options:

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04 Mar 21
Progress of Cataclysm Remastered

Progress of Cataclysm Remastered

Homeworld Cataclysm Remastered is making good progress with new models and the latest addition of Kuun-Lan, built up from scratch. You can get a preview of the Mod via the Homeworld Remastered Steam installation, choosing it among available modifications.

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03 Jan 21
Upgrade in progress

Upgrade in progress

I have restored the site to it's former glory and enlisted the help of a good friend from the PHP-Fusion Community to help me surpass the issues that lead to the extended downtime. I apologize for not doing this sooner.

In this i will be revising a few on the download links and other items that are not correct, which I noticed all to well...

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18 Sep 16


I just upgraded HWSHOTS to latest available Gallery Software Update (Piwigo) and some issues we have seen sporadically are now gone. Also looking in to some kind of blog section where to post just this kinda things. E-mail notifications for Comments also kicked in, but I have disabled public commenting since there were a few spammers.

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29 Mar 15
HW Cataclysm

HW Cataclysm

ON Windows XP SP3:

Installed game
Tried running, crashes.
Patched using UK 1.01.
Game runs, however menu flickers a bit, changes state with mouse movements.
Grahic mode set as photo; D3D Primary Display - 1280x1024 attempts on GL fails texture memory maxed full detail effects...

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02 Feb 15
The day is drawing closer...

The day is drawing closer...

...when many will receive this

Homeworld Remastered

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06 Mar 14
May be time to get some action in to this site

May be time to get some action in to this site

With Gearbox's Remastering of Homeworld I imagine it might be relevant to pick up some info and materials here. Vote here for what version of the Remastered Edition you prefer.

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10 Jul 13
Updated CMS

Updated CMS

The CMS PHP-Fusion has been updated to release 7.02.07.

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10 Dec 11
Measures against Spam registrations

Measures against Spam registrations

Due to a large number of Spambot registrations I have disabled the Registration system until I have a better control over this. Those with a genuine interest in Homeworld wanting access to this site, should know where I can be contacted.

Apologies for any inconveniences.

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