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Hey guys Leviathon Is aboard

Last updated on 18 years ago
Posted 18 years ago
Nice to be with u guys. Oh and i noticed the file in the download section for HW 1 maps doesnt work. THought i should mention that cause its been driving me crazy that i cant get all those maps lol. And i hope u guys still play HW1 cause we need all the action we can get these days. Leviathon OUT! have a good day everyone. Oh and i got a recording that id like to attach. Tell me what u think of it.
Edited by LeviathonXeno on February 09 2006 01:56, 18 years ago
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 18 years ago
Ill have a peek.
Posted 18 years ago
I've enjoyed your nice welcome address, so have my best regards too!

(Let me know if you need any HW1-map-fills; maybe, I can help.)
Posted 18 years ago
The recording is of a match when i was in LS it was LS vs 4 which then turned into a LS vs 3 cause kurak dropped. GRRR!B)
Posted 18 years ago
What the heck? it didnt work? Is it possible for me to add the recording to the download section then?
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 18 years ago
Hmm, we do not have recordings as downloads. I dont think we should, or what do other members say?
Posted 18 years ago
I posted about it. A nice Battle Studio would be nice.
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