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Last updated on 14 years ago
Hello, some of you may remember me from the Relic Boards. If so you may also remember me from my Homeworld wiki project (aka Encyclopedia Hiigara). Though it got a slow start I have continued working on it over the past few months and am currently refurbishing the Homeworld series articles to perfection.

While at the moment we still have only 12 articles I plan to expand that number rapidly. With your help if possible. All I ask is that the same group that donated their time to building this website consider working on preserving Homeworld for all time in an encyclopedia.

Also, somewhat more urgently than more articles I would like pictures. Any kind. Fan art, screenshots, concepts, you name it. Pictures always make an article more interesting and I'm looking for volunteers. Pictures I need at the moment are a logo (I'm working on a concept but it is going slow and I'm no photoshop wizard) and screenshots from SP for all three HW games.

I hope you will help us at the wiki but even if you don't, I invite you to take a look at what we've done so far [url=homeworld.wikicities.com]here[/url].

-Ishaar Niirfa

Are You familiar with our gallery at http://.homeworldshots.net ?
All images are freely available to the community. You have ALL available concept Art right there.

We have a subcategory with screenies from the HW games SP campaigns, but sadly not very used.

I encourage helping out here, guys...:)
I am aware of hwshots. Unfortunately it has few SP pictures, which are what I most desparetely need. I am glad for what you do have however and encourage a continutaion of it.

I'd get many of the screenshots myself but at the moment I can only find my copy of HW2 and HWC, and not that of HW. So while I can get Cata and HW2 shots I can't get HW shots at the moment.
Ishaar Niirfa, nice to see you here! Ok, you want HW1 SP screenies, right? I'll go and see if I can find some reasonable ones. Have a nice weekend!
I'm back with good - and bad news. I found some, definitely made during the SP campaign. However, since I played it on an old notebook (with no graphics card), the quality is poor in comparison to that you're used to see nowadays. I believe that they would do for making some web-site-pictures, but I'd rather advise not to make them clickable. However, this technical aspect does not correspond to the actual feelings translated by these early HW contacts: they're great as ever, or even better!

Please, let me know, if you're still interested.
Babbo, sorry for not replying more quickly but I want any pictures you can get, excellent quality or not. Just send them to me at godzilla@mcn.org and I will make good use of them. Or just upload them to the website using the upload feature at homeworld.wikicities.com/wiki/Special:Upload.
No problem. - Ok, will sort out the best of them and will let you know.
Hmmm....replay the hw1 campaign would be nice.
And having a trigger happy screeshot finger...sounds like a plan. ;)
Files sent to Ishaar Niirfa's and Home's email account. Let me know what you think (if you find time) or if you have further needs (HW1 MP screenies could be provided in better resolution).
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