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Last updated on 14 years ago
I can't seem to find a general discussion thread but if anyone wishes to follow my work on photoshop and the graphic arts please register and keep checking back at the work in progress at:

Ps. This is not a Joke :P
Is that supposed to mean I can delete your account at my hwaccess sub?
Not that I am very eager to do it, but a few 100 MB of space are valuable on a site, if you get my meaning?
PHP Nuke? You traitor..:o :harobeam: :muffy: :yell: :stfu: :master: :spam:

Please don't delete the old site. I need to get my files off of it. If thats possible. I don't have the ft p anymore since I lost it.
Is that a template site? The kind you just download configure with a few tweaks and things, then upload to your own space?

Seems the net is being overrun by php sites.
Yes, but isnt this site that as well.

"Powered by: PHP-Fusion v6.00.203
kasha theme by: sonar from EP"

Share the Php love my friend... its worth it.

I customized the banner to update my "codename" and I also updated quite a bit of content. The theme came with alot of the .PSD source files and gave anyone who downloads the theme, direct permission to use it to modify it to your own liking.

Hell, its a lot easier than doing it all yourself. :yes:
Well, I guess this is it....
Remember me as the kid who tried but never could win. Remember me as the guy who wanted to fit in. Remember me as the guy who loved enjoying relic. Remember the guy who used to enjoy Homeworld. Remember. This guy, was Viperslayer.
Yeah hey i didnt mean offense, im just kinda disappointing in seeing so many php sites. They are everywhere you turn, and the custom user created sites are fastly becoming a thing of the past.
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