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I don't understand. I am in Hawaii for a week and I let my friend take care of my fish and feed my cats while I'm away because I can trust him. He wanted to get into the Hw2 thing so he registerd on my computer which I gave him permssion to. I left and enjoied my vacation.

I can home and my life shattered. I clicked IE, and on the visual contact with my homepage, I see that I have been banned from relic. I look on relic, and I notice that they said I made a duplicate account. I really don't care because it seemed like I was getting treated like shit from the community anyway.

Now I lost my favoirte passion on computers and I removed and vainly deleted all my homeworld:2 content. Nice going. I now have no life, not that I had one before and now my gf is seriously worried about me. She thinks I'm going to kill myself. I have no clue if I am either becuase the biggest and required project for me to get out of highschool has just been destroyed. I was planning on using my mod to demonstrate how games are made. I lost all hope and now I don't know what to do.

I have no future now. What can I do to get to college if I have no work. All my dedicated multimedia work has been put towards modding hw2. I have no reason to be alive. I have no way into getting college at this rate, and now I might just not graduate. I litterally am fuked. Why? Because I was treated like shit and I was banned from the thing that made me happy the second most besides my loved one.

What the hell am I going to do? I can't stand to even type or work with computers becuase it reminds me of my times with homeworld2.

While I'm typing this I am crying my eyes out and my gf is hugging me. this was my career. Noone has the right to ruin someone's life. I planned on making my hw2 work my portfolio towards going to a art college. I now Have nothing... notta.. zip. My life is ruined.

I am writing this because I just would like to say goodbye to anyone who cares and to thank you for all you've done for me. For putting up for me even when I was a pain in the ass. I know have no idea what my life is going to be like.

I am dealing with this via PM.
Being reluctant to host a banned member of RB I would appreciate advice...

Babbo, members, Your opinions?
Thanks Homy. I knew I could count on you.

Belive me, I really got pissed at my friend when I saw what he wrote to Loctus.

After being a registerd member on the forums actually back in 1999, I think I know better than to make a duplicate account. That was even said by one of the repliers to my "ban" thread.

It just really upsets me that people I looked up to trashed my future the way they did. Without proper evidence. Yes yes, my friend is extremely like me. But usually when you pick your friends you try to hang with the people the most like you, the people who share almost the same Ideas as you.

I may have been a asswipe with the issues with E-E, and I have not forgot that.
But to be stupid enough to curse out Loc, and make a duplicate account... no... thats just not me. I'm smarter than that.


If everything pans out and things are patched up I most likely will take a break and just relax before stepping foot into the community. Being banned and then comming back if thats what even happens and I'm pretty sure this is for good; the best thing to do is to just state your sorry, and that it was a misunderstanding and explain in detail what exactly happend. I know that If I go right back into it that would be a mistake because there are those who most likely be very dissapointed in me and most may think of me as someone to avoid because of getting themselfs in trouble.

I definelty do NOT want to go back in on the wrong foot if thats even to happen.
I'm sure many were upset that I was banned. I am also sure that many were happy I was banned because they can't stand my guts. I've been living like that outside of this community for all my life and I get used to it. It doesn't mean that like it and it sure as hell means I hate it but what can you do. The more you try to be better something else comes up and stabs you in the heart.

I never realised what a pain in the ass I must have been for people to jump to conclusions so fast that they incorrectly blamed me for something I did not do. Heck, I know damn well off the top of my head a 100 people on the community who wish me dead. Then again I know a hell of alot of people who think that I have alot to learn and wish me the best.

Its just how life works; is it good... no, but is it nessicary for life to go on... of course. Do we have to like it? No, but does that make it right? NO.
All I'm trying to say is that I'm sure most of you may think that I'm nothing but a pain in the ass. But the truth is thats how most people view me as. Their are a select few who can understand me.

The funny thing is... a few things keep getting thrown in my face:

One is that I have ADHD and that is not an excuse: no it is not but the fact that I have it makes people hate me.

Two is that I am only 16 when I try to interact with a community of college grads and a communtiy of adults.

Three is that I'm a ass whole becauase I attempt to do the things I do.

I know full well that regard less of this that the chances of me getting reinstated are slim. But everyone deserves their right to try. I am sure that I have my supporters. I mean everyone does! For gods sakes the most evil man, Adolf Hitler had supporters.

The worst thing about this... is that it happend during christmas. That is just wrong. Its worse than getting fired from your job on your birthday.

Just remember this please; If you were me and you were apart of the community for awhile.. would you make a duplicate account and curse out someone who can shut you down? NO. Noone is that stupid. But why I was viewed as that stupid is beyond my comprehension.


If this doesn't work out, I would like you homy, to please release all my files after giving me access to the ftp to upload my entire work towards my mod. This is just because I would hate to see my work go to waste.
You still have ftp access...
I reformated my harddrive in anger :\ I dont have the information anymore.


Homy can you try to get on msn mesanger?
I am online very sporadicly these days so it would do no good logging on to messebger.
Format HDD? Damn, You need an Anger Management Course...:smash:
First of all, maybe, I should correct your view: you have annoyed some (important) persons for having done that 'duplicate' thing. But observe, this doesn't mean that the're hating you as a person; you just made a mistake, this is not the end of the world and this is not at all the end of your life.

Reagarding your course of acting. It's a fact that it wasn't really successfull. Always altering names and stories, while struggling around with prominents at RBs ... the Hawaii-story (and, yes, it's completely questionable, sorry!) and now ... formatting the hdd according to a sudden impulse and in anger, destroying the work you're proud of ... With all respect, VS, this can be hardly understood! You should simply envisage different opportunities. There are lots of other boards and chances to demonstrate your skills. (I remember, recently, there was another guy, asked for warez at RBs and got banned faster than he could close his eyes. Then he explained that it was just a joke - and concluded with a simple goodbye to RBs - and, well, up it goes to new horizons... Life isn't always that complicate as one thinks.)

This is not the end, VS. You may start again from the scratch. Most probably, some of your files are still available somewhere in the net. Just re-structure your ideas and, above all, your public appearance.

Enough said, here are some questions:

1) What's ADHD?
2) Would you (really) like to get yourself back to RBs and is there a proof available for the existence of your friend, acting as an 'own person' while you've been away?
3) What are your current plans?
4) What's your advice for Home, who is hosting your site?

Bye for now, VS. Get your feet back on the ground, it shouldn't be the most difficult task in your life. And don't forget, you've power enough for a comeback ... even if it may need some time ... And try to understand the other ones, which can guide your acting to more fruitful paths.
Thanks Babbo, as always, a very good effort. :howdy:

Babbo sums up some of the feelings involved regarding Your behaviour. Maybe we get more input, and I suggest You EXPLAIN, not defend, Your self.
Babbo also mentions some basic requirements for You to, maybe, regain Your membership: evidence that speaks on Your behalf.

This is not a matter of You passing some kind of test to keep Your site. That is only up to me, and I am inclined to let You have it. But an RB ban makes that decision a bit hard.
Well my friend isnt my friend anymore. I don't want anything to do with him because of this.

"First of all, maybe, I should correct your view: you have annoyed some (important) persons for having done that 'duplicate' thing."

I did not make a duplicate account. If I could take a photo of me before i went to hawaii. Then have taken one now. You would notice that I have become much more tan that I was before. Unforutantly my parents will not allow me to show people what I look like over the web. Even if they let me, I don't have a working digital camera because when I was at a dinner theatre like thing in Myrtle Beach, someone walked in front of me in the row of seats and knocked it out of my hand. When it hit the floor it broke and the digital screen is all garabled and cant be viewed correctly. Not to mention that I do not have a scanner and I dont think I would spend money just for this. I already bought myself a new video card which took up all my christmas gift money.

I may be a pain in the ass at times. Even before I was banned I was trying to make an attempt to fix my dealings with the forums. I was trying to clean my act up.
Now why the hell would I break one of the most simple rules? I wouldn't.
I'm not a stupid shit that would do such a thing. HOW! Could anyone be that stupid. They wouldn't. WTF do people really think of me as a idoit. If thats the case then I don't know why I should try to attempt to reedeem myself when everyone apparenty hates me.

I just got a Instant message from outrider who called me every freaking name in the book. I also was informed by him that even if I do come back that noone under no condition would even interact with me by post, or pm or they might even just put me all under their ignore list.

Now I've been friends with Outrider for awhile. Not only that but he told me Zatch wants nothing to do with me. Does anyone not see the proper evidence that should have been there to ban me. I looked at the ban thread and not once was anyone one explaining how they were 100% sure that I made duplicate account.

Isn't it kind of funny that now everyone is hearing from me now that its past christmas. If I got banned and I had access to a computer don't you think that I would have made contact with someone right after it happend if I was aware of it? Yes. Damn straight I would hav said somthing but now that I have access to a computer once again this is why people are hearnig from me now because I just got back from vacation.

If any of you had pets and were my age and you had fish and cats which are things that need to be feed so they stay alive... wouldn't you get someone to take care of your pets while your away so they stay alive with food. Especailly with fish. You leave a aqarium full of 42 fish in a 230 gallon tank alone without daily feeding twice a day for almost a week and a half your going to come home with beaten up and dead fish as if your fish killed eachother to survive.

I am not cruel and would not do such a thing. That is why I had my friend come over and daily feed my pets because I could trust him. Now I dont trust him because apparently he got me banned at the fourms. Actually I do admit that it is partly my fault because I didn't think of the fact that he would be posting from a seperate account than Viperslayer from the same Ip as I usually post from. So it partly is my fault. But I did notice that my friend explained that and apparently it seems noone believed him.

If I'm going to get banned from something that I really enjoy.. I want a damn good fuking reason why I was banned because that was my favorite thing to do and I enjoyed it. Even after I realised that people were starting to hate me, I still did not want to give it up. Now Homy, I hope that your giving the admins at relic the link to this discussion because I wouldn't be wasting my time for no reason if I did what I did. When people think I'm just trying to make an excuse you listen and you listen good. I do not lie and if I do theres usually a well thought and understanding reason for me to lie. I try not to lie at all because it used to get me into a lot of trouble when I was younger at around 9-13 years old. I always used to lie and then something happend around when I was 13 and I stopped lying because it really screwed me up in the long end.

I used to enjoy the community and why again, would I want to do something so stupid and it being one of the most basic rule infractions. I would NOT want to do that, Again, I am not a total dumbass yet I may be at times, like we all were when you were my age. I know for a fact that I was one of the youngest people on the forums and that I belive was anothe reason why people disliked me. That whole forum was mainly full of people who were in college and or already holding a family and they just were in the communtiy for a hobby. The ONLY person that I knew was my friend and treated me with respect as an equal was undoubibly Homy. You know that too because I belive that you once told me that. And if I'm wrong its true because you all can realise that.

If any of the admins see this, you know full well you banned me for a wrong reason after seeing this because I bet you anyone who was banned never came back and tried to defend them self to get theirself back like I am doing right now. And I bet you noone was upset as I was. The people who get banned at the forums were most of the time people who didnt take the time to read the rules and most of the time were bannned because of something so stupid that it showed how young and inane they were. Usually i saw ban threads with people who just acted like they had the IQ of a snail and they talked about warez and posted threads like: "I like pie... do you?"

Thats not me. I think you all should realise that I'm not bluffing because why the HELL would I be trying to make amends. God damnit I did not make a duplicate account and I'm pissed as hell because theres really no way for me to give visual proof that says not so. The only proof that is there is only visibal if you really know me for the kind person and relic fan I am. But it seems hopeless because everyone who I thought liked me at the forums seems to hate my guts.

If you really knew me you would belive me just because you know I wouldn't do somthing like that. The only way I'm going to get back into the forums is if you guys see the truth for what it really is. :(
I will contact Outrider and other people.

List ALL relevant e-mails below, and I will direct them over here.

Can You get Your friend to e-mail me and enclose some older e-mails he sent in order to prove that his e-mail address isnt made up just now?

The only valid corroboration that may persuade people like Locutus and ionfish, might be just that. And he should of course mail from his own computer.

Get on it :whip:
VS, another suggestion. I feel very sure that there still is some evidence around that you've been on Hawaii, e.g. tickets, pictures made by other persons, things you collected (maybe a menu with the date on it) and so on. Well, you would need a digital camera or a scanner, but that shouldn't be the hardest problem.
I have notified Locutus, Outrider and Zatch of the existance of this thread via PM at RB.
FYI this thread is publicly viewable.
Let me make a few things clear:

1) Don't talk about how shitty your life is now; you truly haven't a clue how bad things can get.

2) We didn't ban you from working on your mod, we banned you from posting on the Relic forums.

3) The supposed duplicate account was only one of many reasons for the ban.

4) We are, under no circumstances, obligated to provide membership to anybody. If we take away membership, we did it for a reason, and only after repeated warnings.

5) You are a special case. We warned you many more times than usual and tried very hard to adjust your attitude. I honestly had no desire until the very end that you be banned, I wanted to see you change your ways and stick with the community, but as moderators we are obligated to do what is best for the community and, given the evidence we had at the time (and the lack of new evidence) it is unlikely that your ban will be lifted.

If you can provide some solid, material evidence that you were on a trip in Hawaii and it really wasn't you who created the second account, tell Homeboy and have him send me a PM on the Relic boards. I will be monitoring this thread for a little while (though it may take me a few days to reply, because of school work.)

Also keep in mind I'm one of the more forgiving moderators. If anything our conversations via AIM should indicate that. If you are too shallow to see that, perhaps you should sit down and think about what constitutes friendship and compassion. I am not a cold-hearted dictator, and I'll never use the line "I'm just doing my job," but sometimes the logical thing to do doesn't quite agree with how I feel things should be done. When it comes to managing forums, the logical answer is the right answer, with few exceptions.

A few bits of advice:

* Don't advertise your age.
* An artist doesn't need any community's support in order to create art.
* Skipping a year of college to catch up on things or decide on what you really want to do is actually a much better choice than jumping straight in. In almost all cases, people learn better through experience than through pondering.
* Chill out. Take a bath, go sit in front of the air conditioner, take a nap, go watch stand-up comedy, just find something enjoyable that takes very little effort on your part. When I get pissed off or depressed, I usually watch stand-up comedy. It takes the edge off of things and gives you a chance to think about the situation with a smile on your face.
* We don't hate you, we dislike your sometimes immature actions. If you take a little more time to think things through (e.g. responses to queries) you'll generate a much more refined and enjoyable image than if you simply blurt out the first thing that comes to mind (whether this is an announcement, a reply, whatever, it's all the same process.)

If you wish to discuss things in a more personal manner, I can arrange another AIM meeting. It will need to wait until at least January 2nd, though, because I'm on vacation at the moment.
I quote from a PM received...


The staff have procedures to determine if an account is a duplicate, and that we are satisfied that it was. Furthermore, we banned Viperslayer after much debate in the mod forums, the decision was made neither suddenly nor lightly. As such, it is unlikely he will be allowed back.
If your talking about the person who made the Orgaincbeast account, then that would be james. I could try to get him to send some emails but that would be unlikely because Im kinda mad at him at this moment.

Now I can get my digital camera to work, its just that the digital view screen is messed up and I cannot delete the pictures that are already on there consuming all the space up. Thats what is causing me problems. But I have only a few things that I can take pictures of, a bunch of stuff I collected at the Hawaii beaches, and a bar of soap that has Hawaii writen on it. I really don't feel safe putting pictures on the web of my family. We didn't take much stuff back with "Hawaii" written on it because we didn't have much time to go on tours and giftshops.

Once again... I did not make a duplicate account and for people to see this and still belive that... I don't know what else to say besides that I wouldn't be wasting my time for this.

The fact that my post came from the same Ip address as my friend only means that he was using my computer. Thats the only defienite proof that you can assume it was me. Which it was not. But as the real world's laws are... you cannot use evidence of similarties in personallities to make a jurisdiction against a criminal act in a court of law. Proof must be in written form with proof of who wrote it. Proof must be video, audio or from a witness. You cannot make assumptions based on personallity. If that was the case then alot of innocent people would be in jail. People pick friends alot of the time based on how they act. And when you want to be friends with someone you usually want them to be like you.

Even if so that my friend acts like me what kind of proof is that to ban me and him from the forums. That is just rediculous.

Here is a good point that I can make to you all:

If you wanted to make a duplicate account, you would most likely only use it at a seperate place where the Ip is different from the one you most post on with your original account. You would make sure that you act different. These are things that all were oppisite to what happend under my event. My friend did the oppisote of all those things. Now if it was me I'm smarter than that. I wouldn't even do that in the first place.

I'll see what I can come up with but untill then only my words can solve this mess.
Viperslayer: a scan of a ticket in your name might improve Your position.
Furthermore, if You fell uncomfortable about unwanted publicity, mail me the pics or documentation and I will only show it to Zatch or other moderator/administrator.

Your "evidence" speech is irrelevant. Get James to send me those mails. He put You in to this.
All Your arguing thus far is only SPECULATIVE. Not a shred of proof.
To any of you who don't know, I'm OutriderVS9 from RB.

I've read the thread through to its entirety, and agree with Homy's above statement. What the community needs, Viper is some evidence to support your argument. As of now there is none which doesn't help you at all. Also take note that digital cameras do not require scanners. All they need is softwear, and a usb cable.

Take a moment to let this sink in, and think about all the consiquences.
I probably shouldn’t even be remarking in this thread but something about it strikes me as odd, and partly sad.

While the Relic Boards are useful for lots of information, they are by no means the hub of the universe, or any verse. Its a public forum related to games, game dev, and general socializing with people of similar interests, nothing more. Being banned for whatever reason is far from the end of the world, and it probably wasn’t something that came as that big of a shock either. It’s very doubtful they ban clients on a mere whim.

How one conducts them self ‘anywhere’, is directly proportionate to how they are treated in return, live and learn. Arguing your dismissal from participation there, is something you may want to reconsider. Moving on, and continuing your work as usual is something you should definitely consider.

By no means quit modding HW2, or doing your normal routines based on there decision to ban you. That’s a little extreme. Those forums didn’t make you, or break you. If anything use this opportunity to get focused on more important issues in your life, and bring things into perspective. Opportunities are usually disguised as misfortune, so most people don't recognize them but if you look hard you will see that this whole situation is really nothing at all.

-Sincerely Jess
Lith's approach about modding in general is one I share.
That is why Viperslayers site is still up, but closed.

I will reopen it after New Year and reinstate all Viperslayers administratve powers on it.

(Since I had the power to remove them...:D )

I thank You for input and will appreciate more.

Meh, why wait.
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