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True HW1 Team Multiplayer

Last updated on 18 years ago
Posted 19 years ago
Resources I'm currently using:
Dev C++ Compiler: http://www.bloodshed.net/dev/devcpp.html

Homeworld Source Code at the Relic Developer's Network
(You have to register first)

I've embarked on a serious mod:

The steps will involve the following:

a) get a working windows based compilation of Homeworld

b) enable players to give ships to teammates in multiplayer

c) after the source is finished, I'll release it in a complete form, so others can mod like crazy.
Naabal Brotherhood - Kiith-sa
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HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
If You are after a script or app that can manage multiple Mods in Homeworld (1), maybe You should take a look at the Onslaught mod for Cata. Oneinoneemillion (Nick Gains) did something there. There is also a standalone app for this somewhere. I think listed in some recent tool list Scottismo posted at RB...not hes post, someone elses...
Posted 19 years ago
I'm not trying to manage multiple mods, I'm trying to allow teammates to trade ships in multiplayer. So, if you are about to die, you can give the otherguy that hc that just popped out of your ms.
Naabal Brotherhood - Kiith-sa
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
Interesting...but, alas, I have no clue as to what might help You on that...
Ask Viperslayer, he is a bright guy who might jump for it.
You could also post a very well worded question in the Ideas for Future Versions Forum under GD at Tel'Quessirs site. But remember, You better do some research and come up with very good tactical and strategical uses for this idea, and be prepared to do some work on it. Else You just get thread locked with a ironic/rude comment, in best of cases. :p
Posted 19 years ago
Hm..., if it's allowed to ask: what would be the advantage of selling that hc when I'm dieing? Maybe, is it RUs for health?

Btw., Bloodshed is a great choice. Let us know if you're really succeed in compiling the HW source, that's a demanding task, good luck for it.
Posted 19 years ago
HWaccess swallowed my other email addy. Argh.

Anyways, I'm here, and I'll be hopefully helping out Mert on this. Personally, I'd like to, in addition to the use that Mert already mentioned, make this allow for larger, more tactics-heavy combat. After we get it to compile in the first place, modifying the source shouldn't be so hard. I've already created two content mods, so I'll likely be focusing more on the end user stuff.

No doubt, the usage of ship trading, and the mechanism for it, are things that still need some work, but even just adding a small function like this should prove an interesting exercise, if nothing else.

Oh, and Hi all.

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HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
Maybe we could make this a hwaccess exclusive, in the spirit of cooperating for a common goal...? (ship-sharing = cooperating)
Posted 19 years ago
Babbo, the teammate would be able to command the other ships. We are talking about giving you control.

This would also benefit a team before someone dies. If someone is good with fighters, they can horde the fighters from all the players, and use them effectively to provide fighter support.
Naabal Brotherhood - Kiith-sa
Posted 19 years ago
Mertuk, I think your idea is very valid. I have the HW source too but have not looked into it. My guess is that you should trace code for what happens to a ship when it is salvaged by an enemy. You could hijack, sorry use :D, the same functionality...

I would suggest making it a (user selectable) command key. You have ships selected that you want to give to a team player, hit the command key and then a list of team mates shows up replacing the list of ships you selected (in the upper right corner of the screen). You click on the team player you want to give them to and (if you're really ambitious) you have a recorded fleet command message which tells the receiving player "you have been given new ships." if you decide you don't want to give those ships to any players after all, you just click somewhere else on the screen...

Tactical Options :
One player could be the designated resource collections guy, another could be the designated research/build guy while another could be the actual combat operations guy.

Additional Functionality :
If you hit the designated ship transfer key and no ships are selected, two options appear in the upper right corner : "share resources" and "share research". If you click on "share resources" it will give you the same list of team mates to share with. To keep software coding to a manageable level, I think it reasonable to define programmatically how the research sharing will work (do you just click on "share research" and receiving player(s) get all of the research you have done, do you share your research with only one player at a time (so you have to go through the process of sharing it for each player you want to give it to), and, do you share only one research item at a time or give them access to all the research you have done all at once?)
Edited by gthompsn on September 28 2005 18:21, 19 years ago
Posted 19 years ago
OOH! Some awesome ideas there!

If Mert agrees, it would be awesome to have you on the team. Do you know how to compile the source? I've a few ideas on changing it, but compiling the bugger is something out of my league, and is what Mert is currently studying up on.

The sections of code we've been looking at so far have been a cpu-human transfer in one of the levels (which is just a scripted event, I believe), and the transfer RU's option already present. I did notice that the actual selecting of ships is it's own module, so my thinking is that we create a module that reads the input from ShipSelect.c/h, and is structurally similar to the transfer RU's module (once I find it), only applying to ships instead.

One source of tactical inspiration I've been looking to is the Simulators from OSC's Ender Saga.

Posted 19 years ago
One source of tactical inspiration I've been looking to is the Simulators from OSC's Ender Saga.

exactly . . . and yes, you are on the team. let me know if you get anywhere with the code. I'll continue working on my end.
Naabal Brotherhood - Kiith-sa
Posted 19 years ago
I just got a reply from a relic contact. He referred me to RDN :headbang::headbang::headbang:, so we're on our own til further notice. I'm going to look more into the code. I'll post if I come up with something new.
Naabal Brotherhood - Kiith-sa
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
I have some cooperation with the biggest baddest modders around. Even though they do mostly HW2, maybe they could lend a hand...if I knew exactly what You need...?
Posted 19 years ago
Basically, we need help figuring out Homeworld's source code.

It's in C, and the original programmers made a scripting system called Kick Ass Script, or KAS.

we need to compile a version of homeworld for windows, and get an idea for the basic structure.
Naabal Brotherhood - Kiith-sa
Posted 19 years ago

I lost my source code install during a windows screw up. I can't get to download it again. Can anyone send me the file? torrent? anything?

Naabal Brotherhood - Kiith-sa
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
Made it available in Downloads > Mod Tools
Posted 19 years ago
Thank you Homy
Naabal Brotherhood - Kiith-sa
Posted 18 years ago
<Merturk_NB> Session Start: Tue Nov 29 01:16:34 2005
<Merturk_NB> Session Ident: Pop
<Merturk_NB> Session Ident: Pop (pop@hwc-98037482.bchsia.telus.net)
<Merturk_NB> (01:16:35) ((
<Merturk_NB> (01:16:35)    —› query with (Pop) (pop@hwc-98037482.bchsia.telus.net)
<Merturk_NB> (01:16:35)    —› total queries: 25 (~0.6 per day)
<Merturk_NB> (01:16:35)    —› queries today: 1
<Merturk_NB> (01:16:35)    —› common channels: @#homeworld
<Merturk_NB> (01:16:35) ((
<Merturk_NB> (01:16:35) (Pop) er
<Merturk_NB> (01:16:35) (Pop) sure
<Merturk_NB> (01:16:47) (Pop) but I wasn't really involved much with HW
<Merturk_NB> (01:16:55) (Pop) it was almost done when I started at Relic
<Merturk_NB> (01:17:00) (Merturk_NCool well, what was your speciality?
<Merturk_NB> (01:17:12) (Pop) :/ I did everything
<Merturk_NB> (01:17:25) (Merturk_NCool b/c I've got the hw source, but the KAS elludes me
<Merturk_NB> (01:17:38) (Pop) KAS is pre-processed into C code
<Merturk_NB> (01:17:47) (Pop) and is sorta clunky
<Merturk_NB> (01:17:53) (Merturk_NCool right, and I've learned C++
<Merturk_NB> (01:17:56) (Pop) its all state-based
<Merturk_NB> (01:18:04) (Merturk_NCool so, it's an easy step back
<Merturk_NB> (01:18:22) (Pop) so all your logic has to be done using state changes
<Merturk_NB> (01:18:28) (Merturk_NCool but i want to know if the engine could handle the transfer of ships, similar to the transfer of ru?
<Merturk_NB> (01:18:36) (Pop) sure
<Merturk_NB> (01:18:45) (Pop) you have the code, you can do whatever you want
<Merturk_NB> (01:18:47) (Merturk_NCool what part of the code should I focus on
<Merturk_NB> (01:18:49) (Merturk_NCool ?
<Merturk_NB> (01:18:53) (Pop) couldn't say
<Merturk_NB> (01:19:01) (Pop) I didn't work on the Homeworld 1 code
<Merturk_NB> (01:19:16) (Merturk_NCool did you work on the hw2 or cata code?
<Merturk_NB> (01:19:40) (Pop) I worked on HW2 - Cata was done at Barking Dog
<Merturk_NB> (01:20:04) (Pop) but the HW2 I worked on is a lot different than the half-finished thing that shipped Sad
<Merturk_NB> (01:20:10) (Merturk_NCool and, state based meaning you apply different states of the ship. ie. firing, moving, on fire, hyperspacing ?
<Merturk_NB> (01:20:20) (Merturk_NCool cata (o yeah)
<Merturk_NB> (01:20:23) (Merturk_NCool and hw2
<Merturk_NB> (01:20:25) (Pop) no
<Merturk_NB> (01:20:32) (Merturk_NCool that would have been lots better if more time, huh?
<Merturk_NB> (01:20:39) (Pop) hahaha
<Merturk_NB> (01:20:48) (Pop) we had PLENTY O time
<Merturk_NB> (01:21:02) (Pop) it was a crisis of management
<Merturk_NB> (01:21:14) (Merturk_NCool ah
<Merturk_NB> (01:21:27) (Pop) HW was in dev for 4 years
<Merturk_NB> (01:21:31) (Pop) HW2 I mean
<Merturk_NB> (01:21:48) (Merturk_NCool but, the managment stuck their noses in to far?
<Merturk_NB> (01:21:55) (Merturk_NCool controlled to much?
<Merturk_NB> (01:22:01) (Pop) what management?
<Merturk_NB> (01:22:02) (Pop) Wink
<Merturk_NB> (01:22:05) (Merturk_NCool i see
<Merturk_NB> (01:22:20) (Merturk_NCool so, someone had to throw something together to keep their job
<Merturk_NB> (01:22:44) (Pop) sorta
<Merturk_NB> (01:22:57) (Pop) A lot happens in 4 years
<Merturk_NB> (01:23:06) (Pop) not easy to boil down to a few quick comments on IRC
<Merturk_NB> (01:23:22) (Merturk_NCool back to state based programming, i'd like to get a better understanding of this.
<Merturk_NB> (01:23:33) (Merturk_NCool i see, well, i'm not quoting you or anything
<Merturk_NB> (01:23:41) (Pop) I recommend a comp sci textbook
<Merturk_NB> (01:23:49) (Pop) and there is some KAS documentation
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:04) (Merturk_NCool this is mostly for my source mod to allow transfer of ships in hw1
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:06) (Pop) the easiest way is to just play around modifying the existing scripts
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:10) (Pop) A
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:12) (Pop) ah
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:17) (Pop) you can't do that with KAS
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:21) (Pop) KAS is for mission scripting
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:23) (Merturk_NCool i've never found any KAS documentation
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:29) (Merturk_NCool AH
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:34) (Merturk_NCool event triggers?
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:40) (Pop) yeah
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:43) (Merturk_NCool send probe to this area
<Merturk_NB> (01:24:46) (Merturk_NCool pirates attack
<Merturk_NB> (01:25:00) (Pop) for transfer of scripts you'll need to go into the mess of code
<Merturk_NB> (01:25:28) (Pop) and add UI, change the owner of the ship, go through and make sure all the lists are correct, etc, etc
<Merturk_NB> (01:26:21) (Merturk_NCool i was looking to use the transfer of ru code section; and also i was going to look at the final level where you gain control of the computer's ships
<Merturk_NB> (01:26:45) (Merturk_NCool would there be something around the the salvage section too? didn't that change the owner of a ship?
<Merturk_NB> (01:26:45) (Pop) that would be where to start
<Merturk_NB> (01:26:51) (Pop) not sure
<Merturk_NB> (01:27:00) (Pop) I don't know the code at all
<Merturk_NB> (01:27:08) (Merturk_NCool well, i know more about KAS now
<Merturk_NB> (01:27:13) (Merturk_NCool that's a good start
<Merturk_NB> (01:27:29) (Pop) I only know about KAS because we started off using it for HW2 before switching purely to lua
<Merturk_NB> (01:27:30) (Merturk_NCool and, look up state-based scripting in my computer science book
<Merturk_NB> (01:27:44) (Merturk_NCool lua?
<Merturk_NB> (01:27:54) (Merturk_NCool and do you have that KAS documentation?
<Merturk_NB> (01:28:02) (Pop) scripting language used in HW2 instead of KAS

Edited by Homdax on December 06 2005 10:11, 18 years ago
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 18 years ago
Interesting...btw, edited away smileys.
Edited by Homdax on December 06 2005 10:13, 18 years ago
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