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Jews in Space! (bad title)

Last updated on 19 years ago
ToadyToad_NBJunior Member
Posted 19 years ago
this is the mod that is impossible to find now that the thread that it was hosted on was deleted. (cuz the moderaters sed it was biased). However it hosted stunning effects and a really kool badge selection screen. drop me your email if you want the mod

/Toady, use regular colours, please
Last night i played a silent movie at full blast, the mime next door went nuts.
Edited by Homdax on July 20 2005 08:15, 19 years ago
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
I have contact with Wu Li Bear and he is interested in us hosting it.
Due to the discussion at Relic Boards I am a bit reluctant, and furthermore we do not (yet) have a mod beta section.

I asked him to change the badges, at least the Nazi one, and that could be a plausible condition for us hosting it at all.


(Do not overdo this discussion. I know we have members that think we should not host this at all, but I would personnally prefer a tolerant approach.)
Edited by Homdax on July 18 2005 10:33, 19 years ago
ToadyToad_NBJunior Member
Posted 19 years ago
he should change the badges to Clan badges such as naabal and manaan and sjet and soban
Last night i played a silent movie at full blast, the mime next door went nuts.
Posted 19 years ago
Aye, that would be sweet, having bit soban force things all over my ships!

Posted 19 years ago
In not overdoing this discussion - oh yes, I don't refrain from admitting that I'm one of these members, Homy mentioned -, I would simply like to add my personal view:

It's my clear opinion that unbelievable effects and engineering marvel won't never counter-balance a very questionable attitude which has already been manifested - even if banners are 'fixed' now. And please note, this attitude may not be that one of the creator, however, it could be definitely the attitude of clients, who would be attracted by this mod - and some of those could be really unwelcome for the reason of gearing towards extremism.

Summarizing my view at the current state, please respect my untamable displeasure about hosting this mod.
Edited by Babbo on July 21 2005 06:40, 19 years ago
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
I'll se if I can make Wu Li get over here and post.

But mind You all, I mostly share Babbos view , and I will not willingly go against him.
He has done too much on this site to have his view on this matter ignored, and it also happens to be a very reasonable view.

On the other hand, the approach of "Jews in Space", and its original story, was not invented by Wu Li and thus have a history outside this issue. If that is proven to be accepted, such as it is, why should we condemn it?

I will decide upon given facts and reason.

Discuss. Gently.
Posted 19 years ago
Actually the title of my mod is "Heimie's World".

Anyone can put in any badge they like. Just make a square LiF and copy it with the appropriate name. I have no hang ups about badges.

A general comment regarding the irrelevant nonsense that went on at Relic Forums. Some people need to get a grip on reality. We are talking about imaginary spaceships inside a computer game. Concepts like extremism and racism simply do not apply to inanimate imaginary objects.

As nobody has any interest in how my spaceships perform and how they change the gameplay, I am rapidly losing interest too.

If you do not want to host it, then do not host it.
Posted 19 years ago
Babbo's big fear seems to be that hordes of extremists might get their hands on this mod.

So what are they going to do?
Blow up spaceships in HW? (as opposed to normal players blowing up spaceships in HW?)
Ooooh. Scaaary !

Then what are they going to do?

Rush out and invade Iraq? Smoke in public places? Drive without fastening their seatbelts?

Civilisation must surely crumble in the face of such horrors!

Perhaps Babbo has a sense of humour after all.
Posted 19 years ago
I have no idea what this is all about. Could someone fill me in on the fluff regarding this whole "issue"?

HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
Seems Wu's original thread got deleted at Relic...
here is a thread at Forum issues :http://forums.relicnews.com/showthrea...hp?t=68690
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
OK, Wu. I need You to back of a little and get a bit more civil. Dont assume absurd things about us.
I am sorry Your thread was deleted at RB, that was, IMO, uncalled for. But I will not have those arguments ventilated here in the same way.

Perhaps we should ventilate this a bit in the Forum Issues at RB, thus not risking a flame-war here. Not that I think it will happen, but we try to consider all opinions here, and in Your case it is a little tough with that approach.

Why dont You just ask us what we want changed in order to host Your mod?
I am interested in it, on a technical basis, as I said in the original RB thread, but You make it difficult with Your arguing since any place hosting that mod, will be associated with even remotely possible values it represents. As it is now.

So we are really not having an issue with You, since You say You can change the badges, but we are trying to prevent discussions with people that download it, and might take offense.

We dont want this site listed as pro-nazi, pro-jewish or anything alike.
Even though pro-jewish might be a tad better than pro-nazi I guess...:p
Edited by Homdax on July 23 2005 15:42, 19 years ago
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
Follow development of this thread at RB.

The result of it, if usable, will be used as a base for our decision.
Posted 19 years ago
hello from accident_NB
Posted 19 years ago
Hey accident, you need to find your way the the NB recruitment forum just a little ways down. Read the instructions there, and I'll be happy to make you official NB.
Naabal Brotherhood - Kiith-sa
Posted 19 years ago
One note on the "nonsense" that went on at RB: Dyntheos himself made the call that the Nazi stuff either had to be removed, or the thread would go bye-bye.

WuLiBear never even confirmed receipt of warning PMs, so I was left with no choice but to delete the thread.
HomdaxHomdaxSuper Admin
Posted 19 years ago
Whoa bump, Locutus ! :bump: :insane:
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