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[Fan Fic] Homeworld 3 Universe

Last updated on 14 years ago
Posted 14 years ago
After watching lots of Stargate Universe, BSG and Babylon 5, after 4 weeks I have come up with a Homeworld 3 Fan Fic set in another Galaxy. I have lots of concepts in my sketch book for a possible mod, while I have completed Part 1 on paper, I still have to write the rest of Part 1 on to the Laptop, I have however come up with a Story Arc, Prologue & Chapter 1 half way through editing, so should have Chapter 1 up by tomorrow night. Once I have Part 1 up, I will also share with you my research material for further fan material.

Warning: This is in no way, in the HW3 SoT universe, I have used the Inter-Galactic gate somewhere else, as well as the Saju-Ka class Mothership for the standard Hiigaran Mothership. Although I am using these concepts and inspirations the HW3 Universe Fan Fic is VERY VERY FAR away from the HW3 SoT universe.

Homeworld 3 Universe Part 1 Story Arc

Story and written by Alexander House, partially edited by Greg House (Dad)

In the year 167 AHL, a Hiigaran Patrol group was sent to investigate a Turanic Raiding fleet hiding in the Karos Graveyards… all contact in-between them and Hiigaran Naval Command was lost. After several weeks the Al-Hakin 27th Flotilla was sent into the Karos Graveyard to search for and rescue he lost Patrol group, led by the experienced Captain Daniel Galeseen. Daniel orders the small Flotilla to follow the signal of a distress beacon into a massive dust Nebulae. After finding a Progenitor Megalith attached to a Gate they are ambushed by a large Keeper fleet, and forced through the Gate as their last chance to withdraw. Where they were going… they had no idea. After checking the star charts, the gate’s information & the hyperspace beacons… they are very far from home… M 104, the Sombrero Galaxy. How will they survive, they only have supplies for 3 weeks, food, water and fuel. They can replace food… but where will they find fuel. Daniel must further more please his own Flotilla in this distant Galaxy to make sure that his work fears of mutiny do not result in the eerie silence of low moral.

Homeworld 3 Universe Prologue (Part 1)

In the glowing clouds of Hyperspace a Hiigaran flotilla glided, slowly, as the crew slumbered. On the Command Ship ‘Karos Awakening’ one person was still awake... the captain never sleeps... much. Daniel Galeseen or ‘Captain Daniel Galeseen ‘Gaalsiien’ always looked over the observational balcony with his hands strapped to the railings, leaning forward and looking through the glass. This time, like many others, he watched his flotilla passed by the Hyperspace clouds. There were many events that flashed up in his memory whenever he was in Hyperspace. He could remember joining the Navy at the age of 24, training exercises... and the very heat of combat.
The ultimate memory then flashed up...

He was in Hyperspace, onboard the Cruiser Type A ‘Saaman Naal’, in amongst a Hiigaran Surface Taskforce.
He could then remember his captain walking up to him in his quarters, with a proud look on his face.

“Congratulations Einsne, you’re going into battle, you’ve been promoted to Communications Officer.”

In the next hour the captain was debriefing the crew in the docking bay, he stood on a floor above us and he lean over the railings and he looked down at all of us with his commanding eyes, and then he start to shout out.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, to cut you short... welcome to Akhabahra. You’ve all heard the news, a large contingent of Vaygr Crusades have been conspiring against the interests of Hiigara and the Daiamid Council. They have been struggling to take control of their local Gate, Keshima, and we’re here to pound em into submission. A straight out war would be to costly a fight, this is the Crown Jewel of their alliance, at this moment their forces are divided, this large scale ambush will be the most effective means. This is retribution for the millions massacred on Hiigara!”

Everybody cheered at his speech, especially the added bit of vengeance for the Vaygr war, the Alarms then went off as the fleet dropped out of hyperspace and the ship’s command “Action stations, Action stations” rang out.

Crew members rushed down the corridors in a flurry to their stations, as their ship started to move into formation. In orbit of the tropical planet, Akhabahra, there were a few Battlecruisers, Destroyers and other Capital ships, all confused and alarmed by the suddenly Hiigaran fleet on their door. Daniel’s cruiser then speed towards the Destroyers, unleashing a hail of Kinetic & Ion fire. The Destroyers were scythed blasted by his Cruiser, with the help of faster Caps.

Daniel then saw the debris, as well as the dead bodies floating amongst it; their own blood stained the surrounding debris.

The Vaygr Battlecruisers then arrived, slowly moving towards them with guns pointed right at their faces. As the Vaygr blade like Battlecruiser moved into weapons range, they powered up their deadly Trinity cannons, and fired 3 deadly shots at Daniel’s Cruiser in sequence, like a deadly Mogul cannon hitting an elephant, the shots tore through its hull, lighting up several fires.

The Captain’s bridge lieutenant turned around and shouted out as he accessed his console “Heavy hits to the hull and upper decks, small fires up all over the damage area.”

Sparks flew, and smoke whispered, while the Captain shouted out “Take us over, get us with in close range.”

Ships now surrounded the Battlecruisers, one of them went down in a sea of fire as they were scythed and blasted to pieces. In response the Vaygr Battlecruisers stopped firing; Daniel received the surrender transmission and projected it onto the command screen. On the command screen was a Vaygr Captain with a wrecked Bridge, dead Bridge crew and a bloodied forehead.

The Vaygr Captain then gasped in dismay “We surrender… I repeat, do not fire, we surrender.”

But the Hiigarans did not care for the lives of the Vaygr… Every single ship then opened fire and there was the horrific message on the command screen.

The same Vaygr Commander appeared with tears in his eyes “Oh terrible Sajuuk… they’ve locked on. I repeat they’ve locked on, surrender is impossible… they’re firing… they’re…”

And the signal then disappeared as the Battlecruisers were shredded into pieces, disappearing in a nuclear explosion.

The space above Akhabahra was silent in the wake of destruction. Huge Drop ships, carrying Marines, Tanks, small Mechs & supplies then dropped out of hyperspace, descending upon Akhabahra. The iron on their hulls lit up as they descended upon the surface. They were then seen looming over the small Vaygr cityscapes, dropping off the Marines to finish off any Vaygr resistance. Daniel’s Cruiser stayed in orbit for weeks, bombarding the surface to get rid of Vaygr artillery as well as large industries. In the mean while, Daniel got all the horror he would ever need, picking up the several videos of destruction, wounded orphans, dead Marines & soldiers in surrender. Daniel couldn’t take it anymore, and just as it seemed it was all at an end… in an act of spite they flamed the whole entire civilization on the planet. Everything just lit up as the surface was hit by Heavy Nukes, Ion beams, missiles & Kinetic Fire, very little was standing after the genocide.

Why had they just done this, Why did the Council want the death of a quarter Billion Vaygr, what had the Daiamid Council become?

“War is a bloody business, if you think that it is the least ‘grand’ then you are either very stupid or very innocent. I may be a Captain, but I Sajuuk damn hate war, the only reason why I participate is because there is nobody else with the guts or sensibility to carry out the gruesome execution.”

Daniel Galeseen, 159 AHL
"Freedom or Death!"
"I smell the sea."
Kiith Paktu
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