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Theories about Progenitor Megaliths

Last updated on 14 years ago
Posted 14 years ago

Masada is located in between the 2 Vaygr Tribes of the 3 Clan’s Alliance & the 3 of Sulr. It is most convenient that this Mega station is actually on the Gate Network, which probably means that this was a relay station for Kaolo Gate. For 10000 years this station broke into smaller pieces of debris, until in the year AHL 155 the Hiigaran Kiva Pahlava 1st Task Force was investigating the network route to Kaolo Gate, then they came across this Station. The Daiamid council deemed this as a secret, several Shipyards & Naval Ships were sent to repair & secure this ancient Derelict. Masada also became an important rallying point for the allied forces in the 2nd Beast War.

The History of this Derelict goes back to the Civil war in between the Progenitor factions known as Abassid, a part of the Emperor’s Assembly of Lords that turned against him and lead a revolution to free Bethsidea Society. While the Bethsidea were led by their Emperor, who wished to see the powers of Imperialism come to the golden age, their flagship was known as the famous ‘Sajuuk’, named after one of the previous Emperors. Masada was one of the very important Relay Stations that were operated by the Abassid in the Civil War. Masada became a floating hulk after the Progenitors were forced out of the Umayyad galaxy due to a T_MAT incursion.


Mountain is located in the Bethsidea Keeper Zone, it was one of the greatest Shipyards deployed by the Bethsidea, spanning from one end of a system to the other, that is why it got its name ‘Mountains’. After the fall of both the Bethsidea and Abassid this ancient derelict became one of the greatest Keeper hot spots in the Umayyad galaxy. The Combined Taiidan-Vaygr-Hiigaran fleet came across this derelict in AHL 235 after the 2nd Beast War started. Mountain is comprised of nearly 1000 docking and building facilities as well as a Inter-Galactic Hyperspace Drive.

Stone Ship

In the 3 Heithbyr Turanic regions they tell of a Stone Ship, one that looks similar to several Progenitor ships. When a Raider group came across this derelict Convoy they overestimated the Derelict. While they were un-armed dozens of Movers launched from the Progenitor Convoy and they ambushed them out of the blue. All of the ships were destroyed, but they were able to send out an emergency Probe sending out a warning signal to all other ships.

In the past these ships were heavily armored, fast & very well defended. These convoys could hold 40 Fighters/Corvettes & an extra 20 probes. The ship was destroyed when it came across a Bethsidea battle group, and yet the crew was evacuated and the ship was kept intact to drift in space. A dozen of these Convoys were also found in the derelict of Masada Relay Station, floating around nearby several pieces of the station.
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