Homeworld Cataclysm Basic Information

Requirements - Installation - Update 1.01 - Manuals

* Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 (w/ service pack 4.0)
* Pentium II 233 processor
* 32-MB RAM
* 100 MB HD Space (plus 50 MB permanent Swap File)
* 4 MB PCI Video Card (16-bit color, Direct X compatible)
* 16-bit DirectX compatible soundcard
* Win-compatible Mouse
* DirectX 6.1
NOTE: We have no reports of issues with Windows XP, any Service Pack

* Pentium II 350+
* 64 MB RAM
* 400 MB HD Space (For Full Installation)
* 12 MB+ Accelerated Video Card
* 16-bit DirectX compatible Soundcard
* Win-compatible Mouse with Mousewheel
* Modem for Internet play

* 32-bit Internet Service Provider with 28.8+ kbps Modem or LAN
* Homeworld Cataclysm supports all major 3-D graphic technologies including Direct 3D and Open GL.
NOTE. OpenGL W9X-Me only.

You may require Administrator Rights if installing the game in Windows 2000 or Windows XP. You cannot install the game to a network folder. You cannot install the game from a CD/DVD drive connected to Your computer through a network.

The CD is required to play Homeworld Cataclysm. Keep You CD safe and clean. If Your CD is damaged, contact Your reseller for replacement. You may also contact Sierra.

Insert CD in CD/DVD-Player. Setup should start automatically. If not, locate the file "Setup.exe" on CD using Windows Explorer and doubleclick on it.

During Setup You will be asked to type Your CD-key. It should be printed or sticked with a label somewhere on the Game wrapping. If You use someone else's CD-Key, You may be committing a crime.

Update Patch
After the CD installation You are recommended to download available patch for Homeworld Cataclysm.

We have made all patches available for download:
Homeworld Cataclysm, Homeworld Access Patch Download Page.

As available on CD distributed in UK / US / CA.
ENGLISH ONLY (for now) Homeworld Access Documentation and Art Downloads Page



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29-02-2016 17:53
A new version of my HW2 mod is in the works.Most likely the final version but I don't know when it will be released. Smile

24-02-2016 15:57

13-10-2015 01:38
I have returned!

22-09-2014 13:23

09-09-2014 00:10
I recently added a new build of my HW2 mod. Grin Located: http://www.homewo...ws

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